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Many of these stories are rescued from archives of:
The AGC Writers' Guild and Library Albia
although full credit goes to the original authors


Not all of them have been edited in any way thus far, so please forgive any typos, broken links or bright colours.

For those I *have* edited, I have not altered non-British spellings or purposeful misspellings such as "hmmmm"
or punctuation that is written for style such as _wow_ even if technically wrong.
I only altered the spelling, punctuation and grammar that is unintentionally wrong, or makes it hard to read.



Story Name



The Story of The Bondai Norns

The Story of The Hardman Norns   yes
The Story of The Treehugger Norns   yes

The Story of The Toxic Norns


 The Story of The Zebra Norns

The Astro Norn Story   yes

The Harlequin Norn Story

The Fallow Norn Story   yes
The Magma Norn Story   yes
The Siamese Norn Story   yes
The Banshee Grendel Story   yes
Alex Watson- untitled & discontinued -   yes
Alyssa Grenorn                         
just 1
Kyle Broslofski, Gamer   yes
The Outcast   yes
AnneMary   yes
Ashley Boyd And They Call Us Monsters      yes
Banana NornThe Norn Hunter         yes
Bean Holodeck                               
just 1
Bridgett   yes
DarcieTale of the Vampire Norn   yes
Diana GaedigThe Poltergeist Liked Donuts   yes
- discontinued -

first 7
EttinaPrinted Norns   yes
Return of the Hand   yes
Saurai's Ring   yes
Erin MacMillan
Alia - A Tribute   yes
Dangerous Skies   started
Limerick   yes
Romano and Julia   
The Escape   yes
The Shee Invade   
GhosthandeThe Alternate Yautja Norn Story   
The Cuttlefish Shee   
The Longhorn Grazer Story   
HyloDragonDocker Chronicles            
Tales from the Carrot Machine   
An Unnamed Creatures Tale               
The Pre-Adventure of a Creatures Story   
JessieMa G's Saga                             
Jon ReevesPort 5         
KatNorn Napped!      
KatieIt's a Norny Life                       
KinnisonPipe Dreams                  
LindaOut of the Ashes Trilogy         
To Boldly Go...                            --
Lis MorrisChronology Trilogy         
The Last of the Shee   yes
Our Present Incarnations   
lvbug004The Capture
- discontinued -
Mae TangAlbian Carrot Beetles of the World Unite!   
The Dead Hand    
The Genie and the Norn      
The Incredible Norn          
Newsgroup of the Norns    
Seinorn, A Story About Bibble          
MK GrendelFimbul Norn Story   
PinstarMy Norns                  
PoolSharkA Norn's Tale            
SirGhoulNorn: A-Life      
A Tale of Two Grendels   
SlinkSoap Opera   
C2 Limericks   
SnowCalicoNorn Fables: Mi, Me and Mo   
Love Conquers All   
Primrose's Wish                              
SteerPikeBill and the Balloon   yes
ChatterWocky   yes
E.R.F.A.C.   yes
My Cyberlife Things
(with LummoxJR)
The Naven   yes
Norn Limericks   yes
The WasteNorns   yes
The Great NorninaI Used To Wonder   yes
Romenorn and Juliettin   yes
Various Limericks   yes
Crazy Story Contest Entries   yes
TomaMookamookamookamooka   yes
ToniaDark and Kalin                        8 & 9 lost   
Zab (Elizabeth)Frankenstein      yes
Orville & Grish   yes
Campfire Stories   yes
ZeroGrendels CAN Be Innocent   
- unknown  -Project Loci Story   yes

Terrible jokes I have collected or remembered: