Chapter 20: Power of Fury

"Grendels, I already told you when I saw them first." Douglas said. They were inside now. The ship had a relative large main room big enough for 6 person to sit on the benches to each side. The crosssection was a half circle. In the front wall there was a door to the cockpit.

"No, it's not the Grendels. Grendels in space suites are a mystery, but this is impossible." Silk said.

"What?" Douglas asked.

"The guns. This is definitly Shee design. Shee weapons." Rain answered.

"I give up. I don't get it. What the hell is the matter with those guns. They're just a piece of techology. The whole ship is full of it. If I were you I'd worry about the fact we were attacked. They nearly killed me! And in fact it's all your fault. Did you think I forgot what you did. An experimental space suit. A weapon you didn't tell me how to switch on. You are mad..."

"Shut up! We had no other chance!" Rain shouted.

"I won't. I've got rights!"

"You have nothing. This is our ship!"

"What do you want to do? Throw me out?"

"Good idea."

Douglas hit Rain's chin hard. She answered with a number of blows on his chest. They tried to block the beats of the other one, rammed their fists in each other's body. Since now the whole group had watched this with surprise. Douglas pushed Rain away from him, but she gripped his arm and both fell to the ground. But that didn't stop them from fighting. Finally Maki took the iniative.

"STOP IT!" But they didn't listen. "Fire, Erik, separate them!" Nothing happened. Maki was furious. Her eyes focused on Rain and Douglas. The tension of her muscles could already be seen. And that's not easy if you happen to have dense fur. She didn't move a finger but suddenly Rain and Douglas stopped fighting, their bodies winced in pain. Slowly Maki sank to the ground.

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