Mary Shelley's
This story is dedicated to Spotling, for writing great stories we've all loved like Nornerella and Forbidden Love and for inspiring me to write my own stories.
I did not kill any norns or grendels to make this story
Victor Frankenstein's childhood was like every other child's, carefree and full of fun.

He grew up with his foster sister Elizabeth, and later his brother William (the egg in the picture) was born.

Victor graduated from Flib University, a very good college.

It was then that he began his sinister work.

With the help of his assistant, Igor, his experiments went quickly.

He began digging up graves at night, and used parts of the bodies sewn together to make his creation.

Finally the body was ready, it just needed to be brought to life.

With a spellbinding flash of lightening the creature became alive!

Seeing the hideousness of the poor soul he had created, Victor fled from the thing with the glowing red eyes that would haunt him the rest of his

The creature, not knowing more than an infant, set off to find food and someone to be his companion.

Frankenstein was found half delirious by a good friend and nursed back to health. Victor's claims of a monster were dismissed as hallucinations.

Soon after his recovery, Victor received a letter informing him of the murder of his brother William.

Victor formed a hypothesis of who the murderer was.

He set off in search of the monster. First he checked the forest where William had been found. Finding nothing, he looked elsewhere.
There was no trace of him up in the mountains.
Finally he checked the desert island.

Rushing at him with inhuman (er, innorn) speed, the creature attempted to speak to him.

The thing led Victor to a quaint house with some food and a norn doll, the creature's only friend. There, it asked only for a chance to tell its side of the story.

It told of how it had wandered around lonely, and knowing nothing.

It had tried to enter a village, but the women and children had screamed and ran away. He tried to talk to them but all he could say was "narg," "beh" and "oogle".

Then the men of the village drove him off with torches.

The thing had wandered alone through the forest until he saw a boy. 

He thought that surely a young boy would have no prejudice. He would raise the boy as his own and the boy would be his friend. But the boy was as prejudiced as the rest and yelled
"My brother Dr. Frankenstein will hunt you down like the animal you are, if you so much as lay a finger on me, you hideous wretch!" 

At hearing the name of his creator, the monster was so enraged that he murdered the poor William in cold blood, and was appalled by his actions later. 

The monster then began watching a family. They were simple carrot farmers but they were happy. Doctor Frankenstein's creation watched the oblivious norns from the room above their house. 

In the evening the old man played the trumpet and there was much merriment. 

The creature was quite fond of these norns and left them cheese. The norns wondered where the cheese came from, but were happy to have it. 

The monster soon learned that the old man was blind and hatched a plan. 

While the children were away one day the creature talked to the old man and told him of his horrible disfigurement and the old man and him became good friends. 

Just then the old man's son came in and drove the poor creature away. 

After telling this tragic tale the creature asked for only one thing: a wife. He swore that if the doctor made him a wife they would live on this deserted island and never bother anyone again. The doctor agreed. 

He began working quickly, eager to get it over with and go home to marry his dear Elizabeth. Soon the creature was ready. 

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