The Story of The Bondai Norns

One day in his never-ending search through the Warp for exotic teas and alien cookie recipes our friend the Shee stumbled across an alternate future version of Albia. The fall-out from his violent volcanic escape from the surface of Albia had settled millennia ago. The small two dimensional planet had been transformed into a tropical beach paradise!

Relaxing by (and indeed in) the shallow azure oceans, tickling and kiss-popping each other were some of the strangest Norns he had ever seen. Their baby-blue fur had a striking and somewhat metallic sheen! He wondered how such brightly coloured Norns could have hidden from the blood-thirsty Grendels...

On further inspection, the planet appeared to be completely bereft of Grendels - a great surprise! He postulated that perhaps they had succumbed to the deadly volcano... or maybe they were still trapped deep below the surface!

Due to the absence of predation the iridescent blue Norns appeared to have evolved to be lazy and complacent. They lounged around in groups a great deal - bouncing bright beach balls around and stuffing their faces with crab-like critters they called crobsters. He didn't blame them for it seemed that like the Grendels, this world was also missing cheese! A very un-Albian thing indeed.

Some of the Norns seemed to be playing a strange tubular musical instrument which made an eerie and enchanting noise. Listening carefully he heard them refer to it as a didgeridoo. An odd word - but very much in character with such an odd world!

But alas, despite a thorough search he could not find any new plants to make tea out of! And the tiny Ettin population appeared much too lazy to make cookies! With a small but significant sense of disappointment he gathered a few Norn eggs, a beach ball and quickly he mapped the crobster genome for future replication. After a bit of a struggle he also managed to grab one of the didgeridoos!

Before departure he scribbled a brief entry into his Warp diary. He named the world Bondi which was an ancient Shee word which meant, "Jolly nice place for a holiday, but not a sign of tea or cookies to be found!" He shut the diary, clutched his sack of Bondi souvenirs, tapped his portal device and disappeared once more into the Warp..