An Unnamed Creatures Tale: Chapter One

Written on January 24, 2014

Chapter One

The windmill creaked in the early morning breeze. It all smelled of autumn, even though the warm air was still certain to fill the meadows for many days. She cautioned to open her eyes just for a moment, but it was too late.
Up you are,” croaked Johmas, the old and wizened grandfather who had raised her beneath the same windmill all her life. “Morning chores never do themselves.”
She sighed and rose from the threadbare quilt. In the corner of this little home, one would never know that Johmas was the leader of this Norn settlement. He seemed all too old, and all too plain. Yet he was beloved by all and stopped at nothing to ensure that she was happy. She swished her tail in contrived annoyance at her morning chores, even though the morning sun was her favorite.
Ravella,” he called out, “Do not forget your tea.”
The warm liquid was sometimes too warm on summer days, yet it was something she could never refuse. The rare days when she refused the tea gave her excruciating headaches, and often resulted in sleepless nights filled with terrible dreams. Johmas always made it so sweet, and his work with herbs was second to none. Even the bitter blends had a way of tasting delicious with his touch.
I thought I would go out to the far meadow this afternoon,” she announced between sips. “Some of the neighbors have been preparing another carrot patch.”
Carrots?” Johmas sounded bored. “We decided that this growth cycle would include turnips. Bright, purple, and juicy.” His dull gray eyes blinked quickly: A sure sign that he was agitated.
She smiled gracefully and took his wrinkled brown hand in hers. “A perfect time for your granddaughter to put things in order, right?”
Johmas laughed more deeply than she expected. “Leave it to my Ravella to know what to do! Yes, I think that will be a good idea. Should be good training for your rise to the council.” He paused, scratching his nearly bald head. “And marriage.”
That made her bristle for an instant. The council business was her right by birth, and something she was excited for. Yet as it marked her ascension into adulthood, she was also expected to pair up with Veerin. He was handsome and intelligent; that she could not dispute. It was the entire idea of being paired up that set her on edge. Veerin had chosen her, and she had never been given a choice. She found her fingers digging into the small cup that held the last drops of tea.
Yes,” was all she chanced to say. This was not a day for arguments. Rising from the table, she put on a rather faint smile. “Chores do not do themselves, grandfather.”

What will happen to Ravella next? Will she find something interesting in her morning chores, or is this just a story about the typical day of a Norn? Check back next week for the second chapter of this story!