Saurai's Ring

The creature fell. He was falling to his death, the hobbits on the mountain thought. He was falling in the mountain, and an earthquake was starting. As the creature fell he wailed:
Another creature appeared, that the hobbits never saw. The Lone Shee. As he activated his portal, he brought Gollum, the ring, and its owner along without knowing. Its owner entered an egg being created at that same time. The hand hatched the egg and used the inseminator on the Ring's owner, to make his daughter. The Ring's owner was Sauron, a norn, his daughter was Saurai, an ettin.

I stood gazing at the cheese, lost in thought.
    "Express." The hand said, coming up behind me.
    "Saurai look food." I responded, wondering why I was so different from all the other ettins.
    "Eat food." The hand told me.
Just to please it, I obeyed, although I wasn't hungry. Then I pushed a ball, then went through the door to the norn meso. There were other creatures there. I veered away from Sauron, who I hated without knowing why. I just felt uneasy around him. Meanwhile, I tickled Quentin the grendel, and said:
    "Maybe eat seed Dora" Since she'd said she was hungry for starch.

Then I pushed a teleporter and went to the bridge. There, I saw a geat, who was sitting next to the splicer muttering to himself in a language I didn't understand. I listened, then figured out a bit about what he was saying. He was holding a gadget he called: 'Our birthday presssent.'
    "It's ours. Our birthday presssent. It came to us on our birthday. We ressscued it from the nasssty hobbitses. Nassty hobbitses were going to dessstroy it. Nasssty, nassssty!"
I looked at the gadget. I felt a strong desire to grab it. So I did.
    "No! Nasssty, nasssty thingses grabbing the Precioussss. Mean and nasssty!" He slapped me, and I ran.
Then an idea came to me, and I pushed the birthday presssent. Suddenly everything looked hazy, and I saw him go right past me.
    "Nasssty thingy! We hates it, it puts on our birthday present. Nasssty thieves puts on our birthday presssent. And then even our clever eyeses can't see it, nasssty thingy!" I realised that I was invisible.
Then I saw everything get more hazy, and I noticed a giant eye, a slit with fire around it. Suddenly I heard a voice:
    "Give it to me. Give my Ring to me. I see you. You cannot hide! Give it to me!" I pulled the Ring and then I was standing in the Capillata Hub, trembling.

I realised that I was in danger, and I pushed the portal that always sat by the Comms door. Then I was in the norn meso, but there were no norns there. Also, I saw a toy I'd never seen before. I decided to hide the ring, so I disassembled the holistic learning machine, hid the ring in it, and reassembled it. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up, a hand was there, but not the hand I'd grown up knowing. This hand was grey. And it held a gadget.
    "Push gadget." It told me. I pushed it, and it taught me words. Then the hand said:
    "Can you understand me?"
    "Yes, Saurai can."
    "Why were you scared?"
    "Scared?" I said. Then I told this grey hand what had happened to me.
    "Saurai look gadget, geat get gadget, Saurai get gadget, geat hit Saurai, Saurai push gadget, geat can't see Saurai, eye come, eye say 'Give my Ring to me!'"
    "Where is it now?" The grey hand said.
    "Saurai flib machinery." And pointed to the holistic learning machine.
    "You hid it in that machine? I didn't know that was possible!" The hand said. I responded:
    "Saurai flib machinery. Norn can't."
    "Wow! Can I see the gadget?" The hand said. I went to the machinery and dismantled it again, and showed the hand the ring.
    "One ring to rule them all." The hand said.
    "One ring?" I asked.
    "Nevermind." The hand said. "Can I hold it?" I felt suddenly possessive of the ring. This hand was going to take it away!
    "No!" I said. And pushed a portal.

Then I was in the containment chamber with a male ettin. He had pink fur all over and his fur stood up on the top of his head. He pushed me, and I pushed him back. I felt a drive I'd never felt before, but knew the name for.
    "Saurai friendly."
    "Maybe push ettin Saurai." He said, pushing me again. "er very friendly." He told me. "Maybe push ettin er." "Saurai like er." "er like Saurai." We chatted and kissed, and I forgot that I was holding a gadget. Then suddenly I wasn't interested in him any more. I was hungry. He was now bored instead of friendly. A black hand came, and warped us away. I don't know where he went. I went to the Comms room of another world and found a dispenser giving out an odd type of food that seemed to relieve all kinds of hunger. After eating a bit I felt another unfamiliar feeling I knew the name of.
    "Saurai intensely homesick." I pushed the door and paced about complaining. A hand came and picked me up and carted me off to the desert. Then my homesickness decreased. I amused myself chasing gnarlers and thought about all that had happened. I hid the ring in the cheese vendor and left it there, so it would be safe. Then I went up to the desert floor again and crouched down, and laid an egg. Ow! That hurt. I stared at the egg, feeling protective of it like I'd felt of the ring. But it wasn't that I wanted the egg, more that I felt that it needed me. It was just a little egg sitting all alone. When it hatched it would have to face the world, and the world was so big and scary. I imagined a little ettin, scared and lonely. I'd protect this egg. I picked it up and walked to the norn terrarium. I chatted with a bunch of pregnant norns as well as norns with eggs and baby norns.
    "eem homesick."
    "Maybe approach norn home eem."
    "Maybe approach ettin home eem."
    "bub foo dat."
 "em boop."
    "me push norn."
    "Saurai happy."
    "Eve seriously hungry for starch."
    "Definitely eat seed Eve."
    "bub coo Adam."
    "Adam like bub."