Docker Chronicles

Part 3

When the lights came back on, all that was left was a few Norn corpses which were gnawed on, and three empty Transpariglas cases. 'Cloning Complete' was displayed on the computer screen.

Outside, two Akons, two Chzarri, and two Consumates, which were of course at different places around the ship because if they weren't the Akons and Chzarri would be dead, looked around at the sun and things for the first time since their creation. After their eyes adjusted, they dispersed.

The Consumates went to the swamp, the Chzarri to the forest, and the Akons to the desert. Remember, they still had genes of their ancestors in them so they naturally wanted to go to those places.

Precisely two hundred years later...

Phire, the Chzarr, stepped out into the sun, just like his ancestors did two hundred years ago. Phire had very light purple fur mottled with olive-green spots. His skin was pink, and he had baby-blue eyes. His hair was chestnut brown.

Incidentally, the Chzarri hadn't evolved at all during the past two hundred years, but that's not important. Right here my imagination peters out, so be ready for a new one.

Part 4