Chapter 4: Surprise

After some hours of deep sleep, his head felt much better. 'That's hard to believe. Arrested by Ettins. Am I dreaming? At least I dream in colour then. What do they say again? You can't feel pain while dreaming - my head is a good example that I do. And you aren't able to control what you do' He streched his hand and watched it. 'No, I can control it pretty well. And also you shouldn't be able to think about if you are dreaming or not. It's like insanity. When you start asking yourself if you are insane you aren't. Well, at least not more than everyone else... Perhaps I *am* insane. No, just proved the opposite.' He stood up, went to the toilet and washed himself. 'Damn, no fresh clothes. And what next?' His stomach answered this one for him. He went to the door.

"Hey, is there anyone outside?" The door slowly opened.

"What's the matter?" his guard asked.

"Could you get me something to eat?"

"Sure. But what do you eat?"

'How should an Ettin know that? But what do they actually have? Asking for meat wouldn't be such a good question - unless you want to be treated as a Grendel. There are carrots. And cheese. Some plants which are perhaps not so good for a human's stomach. Candy. Fruits.' "Well, I think I could have some carrots, fruits and cheese. And some water, please." 'Ettins don't drink. They get their water from the food they eat. The only thing I ever saw a creature drink was alcohol.' "Fresh water, not salt water..." The Ettin had nearly closed the door by now.

"Oh, O.K." After a few minutes his guard came back with the food and a jug filled with water. "Here you are." While eating Douglas had time to have a closer look on this Ettin. Unlike Erik this one seemed to be female.

"Now you're ready, you'll get your chance to defend youself. Erik is already waiting." she said. "Come on, hurry up." Douglas followed her into the room where he had met Erik the first time. Now he wasn't alone, but a group of other Ettins were with him. Erik prepared to speak when a door opened and a female Norn came in.

"Erik, tell me you're not playing the boss again. We've got other problems than those stupid Shee rules. We've lost another part of the main corridor and Tricky has been reported MIA." she shouted.

"But... but... he was ... in a restricted area..."

"You know as good as me that there are no restricted areas, and if he was in one of the service tunnels it's your own fault. I always told you to close the doors behind you, and now come on." Looking at Douglas she added, "And you'll come with us. There are some things you'll have to explain."

Chapter 5