Chapter 16: A Norn's fear

While Fire and Erik had problems of the supernatural kind Rain had one of the normal kind. Someone grabbed her at her shoulder and with a pretty normal but nevertheless powerful blow she was knocked out. At least that must have been the attacker's idea. However you can't just knock out Norns. As Erik said coma is unknown in Norns. Such a blow will result in a headache and the pain will make it easy to overwhelm him or her but nothing more. Rain was thrown over a shoulder and carried around for a while. Slowly the darkness dissapeared. By the time Rain recognized what had happened there was already enough light to see every detail. Rain started to move and tried to get out of the attackers grip. Noticing his, her or its mistake the attacker produced a syringe out of a pocket and put Rain to sleep. However she had seen him before. Well, she had seen that the body as well as the face were covered by a wide black coat and due to this fact she didn't have a chance to recognize who or even what attacked her. Rain opened her eyes and was awake at an instant. She was standing in a large room. The headache was gone. The room looked wide since Rain couldn't see where the walls were. She couldn't see the ground or the ceiling either. She felt the ground but the room was too white to see anything. Suddently everything became smaller and the white faded into gray. Rain no longer stood in the middle of the room but had become a small furry ball in a spherical room tightly surrounding her. She tried to stretch and with a crackle the room's walls broke. Rain crawled a bit and looked back. Behind her were pieces of an egg shell. Rain looked turning her head again she saw a big male Shee. In fact everything seemed to be much bigger than usual.

"Come here" it said.

"Flub doo" Rain replied and crawled towards the Shee. He grabbed her and put her into a box. Then she felt the box being lifted. It started to shake and Rain felt ill. A few moments later he took Rain out again and put her down on a table. She saw him taking a few syringes and needles. She noticed what was going on - an started to scream. But it didn't help. The Shee tied her to the table and selected one of his needles.

"Let's see what this does." Rain closed her eyes. She knew the answer. Pain. Enormous pain.

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