Docker Chronicles

Part 2

Spitz tossed the collected items into the GenCapsule [genetic engineering capsule] and pressed a button.

"Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a relief it is, genetic engineering," he hummed. The GenCapsule made a 'fffffzzzzjjjjooororrorottt' noise and something broke a hole through it. It stepped out. Spitz drew back in terror.

The thing was hideous! Its massive jaws protruded from its ugly face like hedge clippers. Its teeth were two inches long each. Its tail ended in a twisted stinger. Its muscular arms ended in three clawed fingers and a clawed thumb. Its feet were three toed, and equally as clawed, and equally as nasty as the hands. Its eyes were slits with blood red pupils. It was covered in camouflage scales.

These monstrosities were hereby known throughout as the Consumates. Smart killers. Spitz quickly locked it up in a Transpariglas container. He didn't know how long it would hold, so he rapidly made another brew. Out popped a small, jet-black thing with tiny claws. Its tiny tail twitched as it sniffed around. These bipedal cuties were called the Akons. Spitz locked it up too, since he didn't know how dangerous it might be.

"Third time's a charm," he muttered as he threw more stuff in the capsule. Another creature popped out. It had a bushy, fox-like tail, big eyes, bat-like ears, a Norn-like mouth full of tiny, sharpish teeth, tiger stripes, and intelligence to rival the Consumates'. These "pseudo-Norns" were known as the Chzarri. [singular Chzarr]

Suddenly there was a 'CCCCCCCCCRRRRRRAAAAASSSSSSSHHHH!!!!!!!!' and the power went out. There was a chomp-chomp-chomp-step-step-step-skitter-skitter-walk-walk noise. When the power went back on, the Norns were gone..

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