The Astro Norn Story

The Lone Shee liked his new Zebra Norns very much, especially the striking stripe pattern he had created for them. The striped Norns were everything he had wanted them to be, and more. But for some reason they weren't quite as enjoyable as tea and biscuits, and that troubled him terribly.

With this simple fur pattern done and dusted, he couldn't help but think of what other patterns could be possible. Maybe he could actually get quite intricate with his genetic engineering - designing an elaborate set of patterns using appealing geometric shapes. Perhaps he could even make them change over time!

It seemed impossible for him to find a creature that displayed such a high level of fur pattern detail - even to Nature this kind of thing was unprecedented. Realising that made him even more determined to try and create something very special indeed. So he looked through his Gene Library, and started recharging his genetic screwdriver.

Soon he'd decided on the basic look he was trying to achieve. Combining his interests in both Genetics and Astronomy, he started his plans for the Astro Norns which would be liberally sprinkled with both moons and stars.

One friendly Chi Chi later and soon he had another beautiful little Norn egg sitting on the heat-pan incubator. It took only moments for the tiny Norn embryo to develop deep in the warm insides of the tiny egg. Soon his first Astro Norn was there smiling in front of him; a cute male Norn with a half-moon pattern on its tummy. Now he just had to wait and see what happened to that pattern as the Norn got older...