The Story of the Last Shee

Thousands of years ago, all the Shee left Albia to search for a better

All? Not quite.

Moving so many people and all the food and provisions the Shee needed for their long interstellar journey, there was bound to be accidents, things accidentally left behind.

All was silent in Albia. The dust was settling after the Shee's exodus, and the final few abandoned norns shuffled through the deserted land. In the darkest corner of the cobwebbed cellars, an egg sat, waiting to hatch. Inside, the outline of the baby creature could be seen. It wasn't a norn egg, though. It was larger, and a mottled green never seen in norn, grendel
or ettin eggs. The form inside seemed thin and spidery compared with the stocky little bodies of the norns. A norn approached the egg.

"Me foo dis." she proclaimed, picked the egg up, and walked proudly off with it. After a while, she dropped it, and then forgot she had ever seen it. The little embryo inside the egg was still now, and nothing would wake it until it was placed in the incubator.

Years passed, and the norns and grendels died out. The bottom levels of Albia filled up with earth, and were lost. Finally, a new race appeared - the Handish, and resurrected the norns and the grendels, but it never saw the egg waiting patiently at the bottom of a lift shaft. One day, however, a young male norn picked it up, and then rode the lift up to the ground floor. He wandered across into the kitchen, and put the egg down - into the incubator.

A few minutes passed, and the last of the Shee hatched. Norns clustered round, looking at this stranger they knew no word for, and taught him their ways.