It's a Norny Life

By Katie

A Note from the Author:

My dream to be a writer is only an inch off of the ground, though I try hard to pull my writing experience up, even though I have 1/10 of a cenimeter every written every day of my life since I knew how to, It only seems to pull up weak! This story is just about NOTHING at all, and every day of my life, since I was five, is only a simple foot! I am no where compared to my inspiration, J.R.R. Tolken, but I am hoping someday, I will be! This story is dedicated to those who feel like me.

Chapter 1- Getting ready for a day

One day a beautiful Bald norn was sleeping in front of the warm stove in the kitchen.

"Annabelle," said the Norn's mother, "Why are you sleeping on the kitchen floor? Get up this moment young lady! It's time for school!"

It was a warm day. Annabelle sat up, unwilling to go to school, "MOM...Do I have to?" she said.

"Yes you do! You need a proper edjucation younglady! You know that there are other things to do besides just play with your friends and go on dates with that stinker boy friend of yours?!? Why can't you just get a NORNAL boy friend?"

"Why would I want someone nornal?" Replied AnnaBelle, "Being wierd is better then Nornal!"

AnnaBelle jumped up and brushed her hair with the COB that the hand had just injected. Her mother went out to the garden to pick some potatoes,carrots, and lemons. She also picked some Fever-few.

As AnnaBelle says "NO WONDER she always says 'You can't have a meal without your herbs'. She actually LIKES them!"

Annabelle's mom picked up the Radeo COB out from under the greenhouse and droped it down, in front of the Lemon vines. She turned it on to hear the "YMCA" and began to hum. Annabelle could hear it all the way over in the kitchen, and began to tap her foot.

Just when she started smiling her mom returned to the kitchen and threw the potatoes in the stove. She sighed as she piched up the muffins, and dropped them on top of the stand next tot he stove.

FINALLY she heard a little "ding" at the stove and she opened it to find the potatoes, smelling sweet. She cut a slit in the middle of each one and put some butter in the slits, to melt. She grabbed the muffins, one by one,and popped them into the stove. As they were cooking she grabbed a plate from the cabnit in the stand and took out two plates.

AnnaBelle figured breakfast wouldn't be in a while, and she remimbered that she had dropped the Game Boy COB in the garden. She rushed out and grabbed it, inserting Tetris into the empty slot.

The muffins were soon ready and it was time to add the butter.

AnaBelle's mom stared at the clock in the kitchen. "It's half an hour until school time." She said, "We better hurry! Help me out and slice up these carrots for me, Would 'yah?"

"Okay." AnnaBelle said, with a sigh, for she, of course, was in the middle of a Tetris game. She slipped up off of the floor and walked torwards the stove, slowly, trying to delay.

Finally breakfast was ready. Annabelle jumped into the lift, pressed up, and hurried upstairs with her food.

She ate all she could, and then she went back downstairs to check the time. "A quarter 'till." said Annabelle (Her friends call her Anna for short), "I better hurry!"

0 She grabbed the back pack COB off of the top of the stove, threw her teddy bear COB, her Nano Pet COB, her Game boy COB, her Christmas pudding COB, lemon, and her Blueberry COBs in. She grabbed her reindeer COB and hurryed to school.


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