It's a Norny Life - Chapter Four


School time was almost over. Jenny, Jenna, Brianna, and finally Anna scuried into the lift as quick as they could. Jenna pushed the down button and they arived at the lunch area.

"Gross! Brocoli and spinach again?" said Brianna.

Jenna squinched her nose, haughtilly looking up in that "I'm to go for that!" face.

Brianna shoved her to a side, saying, "Look at the good side! At least they have macoroni & cheese!"

Jenna still had that squinched look on her face, looking down at Brianna, "I hate cheese! Gross!"

"I'm glad that I brought lunch," said Anna, "I have honey, a lemon, blueberries, and some other good stuff!"

Jenny raised her shoulders, "I like spinach, brocoli, and Mac' 'n cheese!"

She grabbed her tray and walkled to the long line of Norns waiting for their lunch. Brianna and Jenna followed her, Jenna being the last. Jenna shrugged when she saw the green spinach being dumped onto Brianna's plate, and the nasty brocoli, and finally, the lumpy Macoroni and Cheese.

"Yuck!" she said. Brianna and Jenny sighed simultaneously, shrugging their shoulders.

"Better than having to stare at Brenna and her evil friend Mandy all day." said Jenny. They looked over to Brenna and Mandy, twovery popular norns that were stupidly always talking about Anna and her friends, and all of the boys in school (Thinking that all of them liked Brenna).

Brenna was dressed in a pink and white plaid dress, and a blond wig,with curly strands of hair on it, and she had way to much eye shadowon, and lots and lots of red make up on her lips. Mandy was in a green and white plaid dress, yet again, wearing to much make up and a brown short streight-haired wig (Mandy always copyed Brenna).

They all hurryed over to the table that Anna was sitting at. They begged Anna to share some of her food, and finally she did!

Lunch was soon over, and it was time for recess. Everyone crowded into the lift. Anna was the one to push the up button, and then she had to push it yet again. But, finally, they reached the history class area, and took the back exit and pushed the button on the mover back there.

They made their way across the little pond, and soon were on dryground. Anna was the first one to get off of the mover. All of her freinds were next.

They knew their favorite place to play, so they hopped into the next lift, and pushed up. They hopped onto the transportation device, and pushed the button. It "zapped" them to the carrot machine area. Surprisingly, someone else was already there. It was the new boy!

"Hewo," said the new boy in a cute little voice, peeking out from behind the carrot machine, "Who are you?"

"Hi!" said Anna, "I-I'm Anna! How about you?"

"I'm A-Anderson" said the new boy, slowly walking torwards her with his hands behind his back, smiling, "Want to play?"

"Sure!" said Anna and her friends, at the same time, "We'd love to!"

So they played for a long time with Anna's toys, but she didn't let anyone but her touch her yoyo.


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