C2 Limericks

There once was a newborn named Fink
Who shouted "I'm thirsty, get drink"
Ran headfirst to the pump
Hit the floor with a thump
Now the body is starting to stink
This one is a bit nonsensical, but think of whiter whites and brighter colors . . .

"In matters of behavior emergent
My drives are pressing most urgent
But what the user perceives
Seldom agrees
Till my image is washed with detergent"
This one seems awkward, perhaps because C1 and C2 sound so much different from the way they look.

A C1 norn went to C2's world
Said she as the graphics unfurled
"But what's this I see
There's no room for *me*"
And back towards C1 she was hurled.
Once said a norn most delirious
"The dialect here makes me quite furious.
First one word, then another
And I've yet to discover
who's responsible, so tell me, I'm curious"
There once was a norn in a boat
Who disembarked right into the moat
Her last bubbled words
Were "What's this cowturds?
With this adipose you'd think I would float!"
There once was an ettin so tired
That he finally laid down and expired
"I'd have loved for some sleep
But that gengineer creep
Said if I laid down on the job I'd get fired."
Carolyn Horn helped me with the meter in this one.

There once was a grendel who sighed
"More than I, dung beetles are glorified.
Once I had fangs and claws,
Now I've only got paws,
and I've not even a mate to be horrified."
And my final offering . . .

There once was an AL called norn
In the mind of Steve Grand it was born
Through a marketing ploy
It became a mere toy
The AL from the norn has been torn

Farewell Albia.


Jan 1999

Please notice that the rest of the Creatures Collection has been taken down. I lost interest in the future of Creatures in mid-1998 when it became apparent to me where the product line was going. I have done nothing with Creatures (either version) since October 1998 and I think 3 months is long enough to devote all of my husband's web space and three-quarters of mine to something with which I am no longer involved. Plus, the popularity of my site dropped from one of the top four to 18th in CyberLife's ratings between March of 1998 and December of 1998. I believe that this reflected their own change in direction from content to eye-candy. With most of my available space used for content I did not have room for any more eye-candy, and even my content was getting old if anyone actually noticed.

I have archived the materials and I no longer have them available online. Please do not ask me to E-Mail them to you, especially Terra Nornia. Terra Nornia was too big to E-Mail even when I did have it posted. There are other people out there who have copies of my materials and they will be posting them on their websites.

Jan 2000

Steve Grand has left CyberLife Technology, LTD and struck out on his own at CyberLife Research, LTD. Better luck this time, Steve.