Mary Shelley's
Part 2
Doctor Frankenstein thought about the dangers to the norn race should the monsters breed, and he undid his work and sailed off.

The angry monster called from the shore "I will be with you on your wedding night!"

 Elizabeth and Victor were wed and Victor tried to be happy, but he was filled with a cold dread.

Dr. Frankenstein looked around to make sure the creature was not around, but his search was cut short by a scream.

He raced back to his room only to find his beloved Elizabeth lying slaughtered on their bed. From then on, his only mission in life was to kill the thing he had created.

Dr. Frankenstein chased after the creature everywhere it went. Since he had designed the creature to be a super norn, it was very hard to keep up with. It could also withstand a wider range of climates than the doctor.

The creature left taunting notes for the doctor.

  Then finally the doctor's tortured body could take no more, and he collapsed dead in the snow.

Seeing his creator dead, the monster had completed his goal: to see his creator pay for the suffering he had caused him.

This goal complete, the monster lay down in the snow and died.