It's a Norny Life - Chapter Five


Anna skipped all the way back home with her frieds.

"Grah!" they heard something prancing around behind them! Jenny turned around. There was a big ugly beast standing right behind her sniffing her hair.

"Ah-Ah-AHHHHH!!!!" said Jenny. "RUN!!!!!!!!!!"

Brianna and Jenna ran away, wide-eyed with their back packs hung around their shoulders in a messy way. Anna stood wide eyed while Jenny ran away quick as thunder.

"Gra-ah?" said the creature. "Arg! Grah?????"

"Come on Anna!" yelled Jenny furiously, "Get out of there!"

The creature turned his head and looked at Anna with his ugly red eyes.

"You won't hurt me, will you?" said Anna. All was silent.

"Hurt. No Hurt. Grah-Grah Love!" said the creature.

"You talk?" replied Anna.

"Ye-ye! me ta-alk?" said the creature again looking at Anna curiously."Me Grah talk? Arg!"

"Yes TALK." Anna pointed to her mouth, "T-A-L-K."

"Tawk?" replied the creature."Talk." said Anna

"Talk! Grah-Grah Talk!" said the creature.

"What is your NAME?" asked Anna, looking at him inocently, "N-A-M-E"

"Wame!" he said.

"Name!" said Anna

"Name?" said the creature.

"Yes." she replied, "You have a name!"

"Me NO name" he said, unsure.

"GRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a loud voice rose behind Anna and the creature,


Anna turned around "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!" she yelled. It was another creature like Anna's new friend. Anna ran back behind the greenhouse. The creature slapped er new friend, known as "Grah-Grah" hard about 5 times!

"No creature!" said the one slapping "Grah-Grah", "Creatures BAD!!! GRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Creature friend!" replied "Grah-Grah", as he and the creature slipped away, Anna could hear "Grah-Grah's" voice repeatedly saying, "Creature friend! Creature FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

All was silent. Anna felt a cool chill up against her shoulder, thinking of her mom.

"Oh no!" said Anna, "What about Mom? Grah-Grah's mother was coming from our house! Uh-Oh!"


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