Romenorn and Juliettin

This story starts in poem form, then ends in a story-format.

Our story begins with an Ettin fair,
With a short grey-white body
And short snow white hair.

She was a true Ettin, pure bred, pure born
And brought up to despise the hated Norn.

One day her papa walked into the grand hall
And announced to his daughter “We’re having a ball!”

And so Juliettin (for that was her name)
Bought some clothes and made sure
No one else would wear the same.

Word travels fast in a small, disc shaped planet
And news of the ball reached
A chatterbox named Janet.

She trotted to the beach and told the creatures there
The Ettins were having a ball, and all the other who, what, and where.

Romenorn, a Norn living over near the falls
Had never been to one of the Ettins famous balls

He began to feel excited, but then he felt forlorn.
He couldn’t possibly go, after all he was a Norn!

But after reading the sign on the Ettin notice board
He saw “Norn tickets” for sale, and they were ones he could afford!

The night of the ball was drawing pretty near
And Romenorn had decided
To go as a musketeer

At the party there were creatures dressed up like unicorns,
Butterflies, cats, dogs, birds and dragon Norns.

But one eye-catching Ettin wore a golden crown
Complete with wings and a beautiful white gown.

Romenorn, with his sword, cloak and gun
Was so dazzled by her beauty
And felt like he’d just been stunned.

Behind a goldfish tank he saw her deep blue eyes
And not realizing she was an Ettin
Felt his love intensify

They ran off to a garden and kissed until the morn
He not knowing who she was
She unaware he was a Norn

Removing her costume she looked at her lover
And didn’t know the shock
That she was going to discover


But neither of them really cared
And set a date for them to be wed

But then an Ettin burst through the door
Walked into the low hanging lamp
And crumpled on the floor

On hearing the noise the Ettin King and Queen
Rushed upstairs, blamed the Norn
And sent him to the guillotine

Juliettin cried and cried, then cried and cried some more,
She made such a racket
Her parents just couldn’t ignore

So Romenorn was therefore banished
To the desert where he was famished

There was no food and Romenorn
Grew thin and looked
Quite weather-worn

Meanwhile Juliettin had no more tears to shed
So she stopped eating, fell in a faint
And her family thought she was dead.

When Romenorn heard about his wife
He decided the only thing to do
Was to take his own life

He travelled to the gene-splice room
Because he knew it was now her tomb

He took the poison and kissed her before he died
His kiss had an effect, she woke up and sighed

He took one look at her and fell to the floor
And alas poor Romenorn was no more.

    The poison and the lack of food had taken its toll on Romenorn. Juliettin was distraught but anyway she locked his cold, thin body in a genetic cell and she in another. Just as her parents walked in she pushed the button that turned the machine on. Romenorn and Juliettin were spliced together, producing Nortin, the first-ever Norn/Ettin.

    The Grendel leader, Fig Graaaah, proposed that Nortin would be a symbol of peace, and the ending of fighting between Norns and Ettins forever. Nortin grew old in a peaceful society and every day he remembered his parents.

‘True love can never be broken.’ - Grendel Saying