It's a Norny Life - Chapter Eight


Anna and her mother lived their lives out normally, and Anna turned into an adult. Anna bred with the boy who was known as the "New Boy" in school, and had a beautiful daughter, Anette. Anette was a blonde horse norn, and was very cute and smart.

One day when Anette was gone at school, and the "New Boy" was at work, the odd norn, Norndalf appeared right in front of Anna's eyes.

"Norndalf-" said Anna, interupted by Norndalf...

"We don't have much time!" Said Norndalf."It's a long story why, but you are not to be told of this long story.""I did not touch my yoyo." said Anna.

"Is it still only a yoyo to you?" Answered Norndalf. He took the yoyo in his paws, and closed it up tight. When he oppened up his hands the yoyo had turned into a ball. He repeated the same trick, exept this time... it turned into a flower.Norndalf laughed a great, loud laugh. Anna was astonished.

"I-It's not just a yoyo???" said Anna.

"No," said norndalf, smiling, "your father did not tell you much of it's power, before he died. Your father was a great adventurer. He traveled all the way from here, to Mt. Nornia."

The room was silent.

"How do you know all of this about my father?" asked Anna.

"I know all, as I have told you," said Norndalf, "I am the wisest of all the wizards of the land."

"What do you want from me?" asked Anna.

Norndalf closed his hands on the flower (which first was the yoyo)again. When he oppened them it was a ring.

"I want your daughter. Your yoyo may be needed."

"My daughter?!?" replied Anna, "Why do you need my daughter?" Anna started mumbling, "My precious, My preciaous! AHAHA! My precious will not go!" Anna snatched the yoyo, and ran to the garden. She stopped and fell down on her knees.

Norndalf appeared in front of her.

"STOP!" said Norndalf, "STOP, STOP, STOP!!!" Norndalf looked up at the sky with his eye browse raised high in his anger. Thunder began in the now cloudy sky of Albia.

"Now you shall do what I say." said Norndalf, calmly, "Or you may not survive. That is your choice. Either one."

Anna rubbed her head. "What is coming over m-"

"What is coming over you, is the yoyo. Use it never again! It has a strong hold on you! I'm afraid of what might happen! Now I need your daughter,quickly!"

"Yes s-s-s-sir!" said Anna. She ran to her daughter's school and got her and brought her home.

"Ah.. excellent." said Norndalf. "Fate will only take you this far," said Norndalf, looking into little Anette's eyes, threateningly. Anna did not know what he meant, and squinched her eyes trying to think, "but you must do the rest, for yourself!" said Norndalf, "Come little one! We will have a talk!"

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