Grendels CAN be innocent

I don't like grendels, however, I assisted an happening that really told me somethin'.

There he was, the fiery Grendel was standing in the telescope tower. Sleeping. Rob, my favorite male was in the lower floor, eating two carrots(after I slapped him from trying to eat a weed). The Grendel opened his red eyes... He was very calm. He didn't got up. What?!?
What is he doing? He was shivering. Nervously on the ground, shivering. But Rob was very happy... So, so happy... Then, I noticed the sadistic connection. Rob was waiting for the Grendel to come down. And the Grendel didn't want to come down.

I went to take a look at one of my older Norns, Roy. Everything fine. Played a little with him. So cute. So innocent...

Went back to Rob. OH NO!!!
He and the Grendel were in the elevator... The sound of slapping. I didn't hear Rob lamenting... I heard him laughing... The Grendel , trying to jump off the elevator, was nervously repeating:

«food buh»
«food buh»

It was like a way to calm down. Oh, but Rob wasn't helping... The elevator stopped. The Grendel ran off. Rob smiled, as a cat playing with the rat, before applying the final blow... I told them both:

«come dad»

The Grendel came in search of help. Rob followed him but he was ignoring me(he usually does it, is extremely irritating). Ignoring me completely. That made me mad. Rob followed the Grendel everywhere, slapping him completely. To the upper floor, to the lower level... Rob kept on smiling... Slapping the Grendel, and smiling. It was time for me to act...


Rob looked at me... He was smiling no longer... The slap I gave him made the Grendel more calm. He hided himself at a corner. I got Rob on one of those cars and I kicked him out of there. He tried to go back, clicking the button continuosly. No way. I got him next to Roy, and they started playing. How funny, how innocent........

This wasn't the first Norn to act violently with the Grendel. Joby was sadistic too(gee, they're always my favorites). It's in the genes.............