The Siamese Norn Story

It wasn't adventurous spirit this time, and he hadn't been compelled by boredom. The Lone Shee was hungry for more information on the nasty Grendels he'd encountered when he found the Fallow Norns. Something about them really scared him, and he didn't like that one bit. It was the power of the unknown, and so he felt he needed to seek the counter power of knowledge.

Following his nose - almost literally once he'd smelt that familiar musky stench - he found himself in a world of shadows. No blazing suns or moons in the sky, which only made the stars so much brighter. There were Grendels here, just like those he had met before. But strangely they did not seem to be at all interested in him; it was like they couldn't even see him! He made sure to take note of a few details that distinguished them from normal Grendels - things like what seemed like gilded plating on their backs. But it was hard to see too much with such poor lighting!

He found this world of shadows unnerving; but it meant that it wouldn't take very much effort to search around and see what was about. And what he found brought more than just a single tear to his eyes. A dozen cute but filthy siamese-patterned Norns trapped in a big cage like a frightened group of forgotten Christmas present kittens.

Not like pets, more like prisoners - trapped forever in a cage. The fluffiest, cutest things - but bedraggled, unkempt... unloved... What kind of monster would do this? A Grendel? Could a Grendel really go this far? He wasn't certain he was so sure anymore. Visions of Fallow Norn Trophies blazed in his mind. Grendels weren't known for making such things. Grendels didn't typically display such ability!

These timid Siamese Norns appeared to come in a variety of different colours. From those lightly blue and mildly green through to some that were a pleasantly warm red. The Lone Shee rather liked this, and he wondered if this quality was genetic - perhaps he could breed yellow, violet and cyan Siamese Norns by mixing the primary colours up?!

Now, just how predictable was his next move? He let them out of the cage. He couldn't bear to see them cooped up in that nasty enclosure anymore, and their shrieking Nornish complaints of crowdedness were doing his head in. What kind of cruel being had locked these Norns up like this?! He just couldn't bring himself around to the idea that nasty Grendels were all that was behind this. Grendels could be cunning, and were well known for brutality. But they didn't have enough brain lobes and neurons to get so twisted in their heads that they'd treat Norns this way. Or did they?

It felt like the fur on the back of his neck had been permanently standing up on end since he'd rescued the Fallow Norn Trophies. The Grendels had worried him, and the thought of them had lingered on his mind. Just what were these Grendels up to, and why? And how exactly did they appear to be so intelligent - despite the Lone Shee knowing that they were just as likely to think beyond carrots and kiss-popping as their Norn cousins were. And the Grendels he'd encountered here seemed to care very little that he was there, which only made the plot thicken.

He shepherded the frightened Siamese Norns around him, and activated his portal device. None of the Grendels had tried to stop him. And it made him wonder if maybe the Grendels that had arrived when he'd found the Fallow Norns hadn't intended to stop him either. He wondered why they all seemed to be so used to having a Shee around. Grendels weren't typically subdued at the sight of a Shee, and as far as he knew he was the only Shee to have travelled through the Warp.

Once back on the Capillata the Lone Shee spent quite a while cleaning up his newly-found pets. He spent extra time gathering juicy lemons for them to eat. They seemed to respond well to his attention - and once they'd been washed and brushed, they looked a whole load more presentable. So for now they were safe and content, as were all of the Lone Shee's Norns. But for how long could he keep his Capillata free from this new Grendel menace?