The Escape

Once upon a time
Not so long ago,
There was a place called Albia
Where little norns would grow.

And among those many, many norns
Two stood above the rest,
A strong horse norn named Disdat,
And his white-haired friend Celeste.

Now these two norns were explorers,
Intrepid and oh-so-bold,
Together they unlocked
Secrets previously untold

Well one day quite by chance
They discovered something new!
They both got very excited,
As explorers sometimes do.

It seems that they had found
A portal to a world.
They looked at each other, stepped inside,
And quickly they were hurled.

Faster and faster they traveled
‘Till much to their amazement,
They landed with a thud
In some strange earthling’s basement.

Now at this time in the story
I’ll tell you quite frankly,
That basement that they landed in,
Belonged to dear old me!

Out of the computer they were shot
Landing soundly on the floor.
Brushing themselves off they saw me
And then ran screaming out the door.

That frightened pair of Creatures
Through my house they ran,
Out the door and down the porch,
Right smack into my new van.

Disdat and his friend, you see
Had never seen a van before,
And on that day my big mistake
Was that I’d left my car keys in the door.

Now these two norns were curious,
And soon they figured it out.
What would this town be coming to,
With two reckless norns about?

There was a lot of damage done,
And they totaled my new van.
Ran down several elderly people
And over some guy’s precious antique cans.

Down to the local beach they drove,
Recklessly where people sunbathed,
Until a run in with a palm tree
Left them dazed but luckily unscathed.

Of course they were through with driving,
To the mall they went,
And rampaged through there a while
Until they both were spent.

By now these two were hungry,
And so Celeste and her starving friend,
They went and ate the carrots
In a market ‘round the bend.

This sure angered up the manager,
He chased them out the store,
And by some lucky miracle
They wound up back at my front door.

I’ll spare you the rest of those gruesome details
Of their day out on the town,
But it took twenty armed policemen
And a ‘copter to bring them down.

So finally their rein of terror over,
They lay down and fell asleep.
I was stuck with a handsome fine,
And two new "pets" stuck here to keep.