The Story of The Hardman Norns

He felt he was getting the hang of the warp now, but a little voice inside said that this is a dangerous thought to have. The only other time he had been confident of his destination he had ended up appearing a metre above a piranha pool! What were they thinking in that universe - Piranhas on-board the Ark indeed!

This time was different though and with each hop he felt more secure. He stepped through the shining blue and appeared in a familiar jungle but this time saw that the pool was full of beautiful trout rather than gnashing-teeth-of-death. This was an altogether more reasonable reality and closer to his own!

Ever on the lookout for new specimens he was pleased to see a small group of Norns foraging nearby. They were hairier than he was used to but the ruffs around the neck and large hair gave them a intriguing appearance that stirred memories from his past.

Momentarily lost in contemplation he was shocked when he noticed that a fight had broken out among the hairy ones, with a small male (easily half the size of the others) trying to throw its weight around. He stood and watched as the others in the group snarled and put him in his place - these Norns had a bit more fight in them than the kind he normally encountered! These hardmen would make an excellent addition to the specimens he was slowly collecting.

While he waited for the fracas to die down he collected some intriguing plants from the area and settled into the undergrowth ready to catch a Norn unaware and take it back with him for further study. Five minutes later he vowed he would never ignore that inner voice again...

Back on the Capillata the lone Shee held an icepack to his face in a vain attempt to make the swelling go down - who would have thought those cute fluffy Norns would have put up such a fight and punch a Shee! Still, he had managed to corner them and got them safely onboard ship but the scratches would take a while to heal. He definitely needed to concoct something to calm them down a bit, as he didn't want to have to wear protective gear every time he was near one