Chapter 18: Good news

Rain was allowed to get up. Erik and Fire still had to stay in bedi for a few more hours. Except of Erik's arm they were all right. After visiting them Rain had to get some answers. She signaled the three lead engineers in the room to follow her and left the room.

"Where's White?" she demanded.

"I'm here." The voice came from the next door and a few seconds later White came out.

"What's the matter? I was just looking after Douglas. No changes so far." he said.

"Who has the command?" Rain asked.

"That would be me at the moment." answered Gold.

"All right. Tell me everything." And to the other three she added: "That's all for now."

"Follow me." Gold said.

They went to a room looking similar to Rain's office. They sat down on the opposite sides of the desk.

"First we've complete control over the ship. Some time after we lost contact the computer suddently granted us access to the Lower Engineering, and it said the teleporters were working again. So we used them to get here. All of us. Fortunally. After we left Grendels took over the area but we disabled the teleporters before they could follow us. And we locked them up. Since the whole security system is online again we could seal the section. As well as all the other areas with Grendels inside. No need to fear the Grendels anymore. And there are more good news. We found Tricky and teleported her out. The hull is starting to regenerate. In a few days we can return to our old headquarters. But I'd say we stay here and fetch only the things we had to leave back. Last but not least the sensors confirm that all attackers are dead. There had been 14 of them. 12 are still on the hull - suffocated. We can teleport them into the lab, but we wanted to wait for you to decide this. And the other two, well, let's have a little walk. I want to show you something."

"What about Eden?" Rain asked.

"Everything OK. We have to clean the ship and then we can finish it." Gold answered.

"But now I'd really like to show..."

"Rain, Gold, this is Silk. Douglas is awake." The voice came from a speaker in the ceiling.

"Later. There are important things." Rain answered Gold and they left the room.

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