It's a Norny Life - Chapter Two


As Anna crept through the garden she saw something moving up ahead! It was some greenish creatures walking around, all with red eyes.

"Hmmm...That's funny!" said Anna, "I've never seen them before!"

She slowly crept torward them they stared at her, and the big one made a loud "growl!" and started running streight torwards her! JUST in the NICK of time, the hand injected the COB where you can pick up your norn and just drop them wherever!

Anna found that she was on the bridge. "Whew," said Anna, in a rather trembly voice, "That was close!" She hopped into the hot air baloon COB, instead of having to wait for the machine to come back to pick HER up.

She got to the bee hive area, and she remembered what her mother told her:

fill your honey pot up! You left it just out side of your school area, as you told me, last time! THIS time BRING IT HOME!

So she grabbed up the honey pot and filled it up to the top. "Mmmm..." She said, "Good old honey!"

She opened the top of the honey jar, and smelled the sweet fragrance. She sighed and rubbed the cool jar up against her cheek. She got a dreamy look on her face. She smiled and her beautiful blue eyes shuttered.

She, all of the sudden, remembered something. She remembered one perfect Christmas, when the hand had injected the Frost COB, and given her a TV, a VCR, and a Nano pet, and game boy, along with her father's yoyo. Her father had had it a long time, and decided to give it to Anna as apresent. She played with it by the stove. Since it was Christmas NOW, also, she remembered her old reindeer, Rudolph (Now she has a newone, though) and the snowman, "Frosty" the hand had injected. She played all day with her father. But then it came. She heard her father coughing, and groaning, and a slapping noise, similar to the noise the beast that was in the garden had made that day!

When she woke up, her father had died. Her mother told her he had died of a disease, but she never believed her. She wondered what her future would be like. Don't you wonder,too?


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