Chapter 10: Alarm!

The lights were replaced by a pulsating red glow yet bright enough not to bump into the next wall. 'Why the hell is are alarms always connected with those stupid red lights? The only thing they are good for is to kill epileptics. And to annoy everyone else.' The door flew open and Rain ran through it. She nearly hit the desk and grabbed Douglas' arm.

"Fast, we have to get out of here before we are vaporized."

They were already leaving the headquarters. "What's ... the ... matter?"

"Save your breath. We are under attack." The corridor was full of Norns and Ettins. Everyone was heading in one direction. They were the last ones to arrive. In fact they stopped in the middle of a large corridor where a large group of Norns and Ettins was waiting. Rain pushed a button on the wall and suddenly the corridor was blocked by a large door only a few steps in the direction they had come from. Rain released her grip and Douglas nearly fell onto the floor. "Erik!" she shouted. Out of the mass Erik appeared. "Erik, we need a secure place. Are there any service tunnels near us we could use?"

"The service tunnels? But..."


"All right, follow me." A few minutes later they were all in a room similar to the one Douglas found the climate monitor in.

"Can we access the computer from here?"

"Shouldn't be a problem. Wait a moment." Erik grabbed a small Ettin and went off. A few seconds later the displays changed. Rain started pushing icons and buttons on the screens. Douglas watched all those things but he was as confused as before.

'Rain said that we are under attack. What is going on?'

~Where are you? I can hear your thoughts but I can't see you.~

"Near Rain. Just a few steps behind her." Douglas mumbled. Maki suddently appeared next to Rain. After a moments She caught Douglas' eyes and approached him.

~Come with me.~ Douglas followed her into one of the corridors. In contrast to the crowded room they had left it was totally empty. They walked a few steps until the noise of the others faded out. ~Your thoughts are different from those of others. Normally I can't listen to anyone unless we are alone or I can directly see the person I like to focus on. But you are special. I guess, well I know that you have no idea what's going on. Nobody here really knows what is going on. I was just talking to Rain and Erik when the alarm started. She looked at a screen and said something about the hull breaking, then told us to run for our lives. Also someone talked about being attacked. I...~

"There you are!" A small female Ettin had come into the corridor.

"You have been asked for. You'd better hurry..." Douglas mumbled towards Maki.

~No, she meant you.~

"Me?" he shouted in bewilderment. A few seconds later he faced Rain who was already waiting for him.

"Hurry up, we have to go to the airlock. You are the only one to fit into the suits."

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