The Shee Invade

The story below is a fantasized evolution of Albia. I don’t really believe this is what happened, or how it happened; it was just something my wild imagination stole from me and ran away with. Be kind.




"No, push!"






Scritcha scritcha scritcha. Sound of norn giggling.

The hand smiled and sighed contentedly. "There! That’s the last one!" She let little Chris wander off on his own, to find other norns to play with, and experience for the first time the wonders of this fascinating world called Albia. Her second generation had mated, producing a large offspring of norns, 15 to be exact. She was running a growth session for the last 7 of the 15 newborn thirds.

This world had grown considerably well since the hatching of Alia and Akir, the very first set of norns to set foot into this newly reborn Albia. The hand’s first world, which had contained over 100 norns, was sadly wiped out by a malfunctioning cob. This caused all of Albia as it was known to crash so badly, it had to be re-loaded. The hand tried to save as many norns as possible to disk, but because so many of them were already full, only 10 could make it, including the son of the hand’s favourite norn, Erin. The world, when reloaded, was running quiet peacefully.

The hand zipped around Albia, taking notes on who was the oldest, youngest, who had what gene, and who had identical fingerprints and what were there monikers. She was also pairing them, according to who got along well with who.

There were no worries about grendels, or weeds, for the grendle mother had been gotten rid of with the object remover spray. The weeds had been hidden from view from all norns by the wonderful weed-hider. This Albia was in a Golden age. No lack of carrots and lemons, thanks to cheese vendors placed strategically all over the lands, and no disease, thanks to the baby shots serum. Nothing went wrong, and the hand was going to make it her personal duty to make sure nothing ever went wrong.

The hand went over to visit the island to see Charming and her friend Chester happily lunching on coconuts. "Push food yes!" babbled Chester, while Charming let out a loud giggle. They were obviously enjoying their meal.

Suddenly, an odd, oval object, adorned with flashing lights, appeared and hovered just above the top level of the island resort. Everything that was moving, immediately stopped, no matter what it was doing. Everything froze. The norns, the lifts, and the soap bubble came crashing down out of the sky to land in the treetops. The hand checked all the norns, from Cassie to Charles, and each one was staring at the ship. The hand returned to the island, only to find that the ship was gone.

Everything started moving again, except for the soap bubble, which had to be removed and replaced. The hand rounded around Albia, and sure enough, every norn was doing as it should. She returned to Chester and Charming, and they seemed to be just fine. Charming was babbling again and eating everything in sight, but instead of joining her, Chester stood straight and tall and stark still. The hand tickled him, and slapped him even, but to no avail. He was somehow entranced with something. She popped open his thought box, only to find him staring at the sky. All of a sudden, the computer hummed a little hum, and Chester disappeared! The hand checked this list of names, but his was missing. He had been mysteriously wiped out! The hand began to despair. How could this happen? Charming looked up, to find that her playmate had abandoned her, and she stopped eating and pouted.

The computer hummed a little hum, and once again, Chester had been restored. But, it was Chester, was it? Charming looked very puzzled about the creature standing before her, skin a sticky green, figure mangled. The little female, never having known the dangers of an unguarded Albia, was totally clueless. The hand, though, gasped in fright! It was a grendle! How was it possible?

Charming decided to see if the grendle, her transformed friend, was peaceable. "Bibble?" She inquired cautiously. "Nown?" "Grah!" "HimnHimn Oogh!" Cried out the grendle, who ran towards her, but instead of kissing her, he slapped her! "Ouch!" "Ow!" Charming cried out in extreme pain. "Run!" She cried, and the grendle, who was still in Chester’s state of mind, ran with her, only to be slapped and screamed at. Quickly, the hand separated the two, and thing calmed down a bit. Charming, obviously depressed that her friend had turned on her, wandered aimlessly around the lower tunnels, swigging hootch and playing out her anger and depression on the drums. Eventually, Chester the Grendle turned into Chester the nice and friendly norn again, and he spoke briefly with the hand about his experience.

"Big no-norns push Chester! Bad toys hurt lots! Chester feel angry and scared! No want no-norns come back!"

The hand eventually understood his choppy gibberish, and told him to just enjoy life for the time being, and ignore what had happened. She asked him what the "no-norns" looked like, and to her surprise, his description fitted only one type of life form - THE SHEE! Chester managed to recite some of the large words the Shee had said: "super-breed" "returning" and "advanced technology". Once Chester could say these words and tell the hand about them, he began to use them in his daily vocabulary, despite their true meanings.

Life had returned to normal for a while, and everything went nicely. Charming and Chester mated together (for it was already pre-arranged) and gave birth to a tiny little girl that the hand named Danna.

One fine evening, the close family of Chester, Charming and Danna were out in the Garden celebrating Danna’s adolescence, when out of the blue came a loud bang, and the familiar humming noise. The norns ran for cover, and the hand stayed still, completely unable to move.

The same ship that had frozen the norns and abducted Chester was back! A large door slid open, and three beings - the Shee, levitated out to the center of the Garden. All the lemons and carrots had begun to levitate as well, and this frightened the norns very much.

"Greetings, inhabitants of World Prototype # X175, or Albia, as it is known to those of lesser intelligence. I am #101001110, this is my co-captain #100012100, and this is my navigator, Bob.

Chester (whose vocabulary had grown considerably, as does every norn’s) shook himself of the trance that the Shee held on the frightened norns, and boldly questioned the leader, "What do you want with us? What are you even doing here? Haven’t you already gotten what you need from me?"

"Foolish being, relax!" Replied #101001110, " We have been monitoring you for the past 200 years, and watched your evolution patterns. You seem to not have an expiration date, and we find that characteristic extremely valuable. We have decided to come back to WP X175 to reign again!"

This seemed to break the trance that held the rest of the norns, and they murmured loudly amongst themselves.

"What? Why now?" cried Chester.

"By testing you that one day many years ago, we have discovered a way to alter your forms to make you better adapted to the new surroundings and terrain that we will have installed into the New Albia. You will be more capable of surviving the increased dangers."

"And how do you plan on turning us into ‘more capable beings’?"

"Foolish one, the process will include a series of tests, which involves sharp needles and very painful injections. There is also the addition of new limbs and altering mutations. Another painful process."

"What if we refuse?" Chester hinted slightly.

"Resistance is futile, being, Your small, undeveloped minds are no match for our super-intelligence!"

"I refuse anyway! You’ll never come near me!" Chester roared angrily at the Shee leader.

He remained calm.

"That is perfectly alright, being. Only the young are of use to us, and they will be the only to survive on the new planet Albia. You are much to old and infertile to be of any use to our cause, and will die eventually in time. But," He turned to Danna, who was cowering by her daddy’s leg, "This young specimen will do perfectly fine." #101001110 grabbed Danna’s arm, and began to drag her. Charming began to scream and Chester lunged at the leader. A sort of force field blocked him and sent him reeling backwards. The leader turned and cackled heartily at the stupidity of this being.

"Danna! Danna noooo!" Chester cried feebly, reaching out to his daughter. Danna looked back at him with empty eyes and a blank face. In an eerily calm voice, she spoke to him.

"Don’t worry, daddy, I’ll always love you." And then she was cut off by the closing door of the ship.

Chester ran to his weeping spouse and they sat together, while the other norns began an attempt to rock the ship and make it tip over. This was a rather pathetic attempt, since the ship weighed much to much to be movable by a few norns. In the end, one of the younger norns, Maxim, tried to help, and was sucked in through the wall by means not known.

Chester saw this, and slowly rose to his feet.

"Norns, gather round. We won’t get anywhere by trying to flip that monstrous prison of a ship, so just cut it out! We’re going to have do something more drastic. We have to fight this force."

Everynorn started to murmur and protest.

"Excuse me?" Charming choked, "Fight it?? What are we, the ‘incapable beings’ gonna do about this huge piece of scrap metal sittin’ in our garden, and what are we gonna do about those three brains sittin’ in it?"

"I don’t know - yet - but I will think of something." Chester replied coolly.


Nary a norn slept well that night, and strange noises could be heard about Albia all night. Little helpers replacing and rearranging things all over. Adding and subtracting things, and in the morning, the norns could see the full effects of the Shee’s work. There were machines everywhere, and the grendle tree was actually dying! The air, despite the sun, was getting quite cold, and some of the species of the fish in the ocean had been replaced by other, different ones. There were also norns missing. Young ones, of course, and the parents wept uncontrollably. Chester had taken refuge behind the Waterfall, almost the only untouched spot in the land. He thought and thought, but still could not think of a way to get into the ship safely.

After a day or two, Chester, nerve racked and starving, came into the kitchen for some food. The norns ran out to greet him, but were dismayed to find that he hadn’t come up with anything. He also found that the oven had been replaced by some weird dispenser that no one knew how to work. Sulkily, he took the lift upstairs to the computer room, hoping the cheese vendor in there had been left untouched. When he came up, he saw Biff, an older norn, a 3rd cousin of his, sitting on the floor with pieces of the learning computer scattered around him.

"Hey, Chester, how are ya? I hear you haven’t come up with anything yet! Well, don’t lose hope, I know that you’re a bright one! You’ll think of something yet!"

Chester walked drearily over to the cheese vendor - thankfully still there - and pushed the button.

"I wish you were right, but I’m all out of ideas. I’m such a dope!" He slumped to the floor and slowly chewed the cheese. He felt healthier from it, but he was still depressed.

"Oh, Chester! Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’re a bright young lad, and your full of great ideas! Your the one that showed the farmers how to grow better carrots during that dry spell last year! And you created a heater for all those less fortunate norns down by the submarine bay!"

"Yeah, I guess so…but that’s not going to help me now! I sure wish I had that heater right about now!" Chester shivered at the chilly air. He looked at Biff and for the first time noticed what he was immersed in.

"Hey, Biff, what are you doing there, anyway?"

"Oh, this?" He waved his hand at the mess of computer parts surrounding him. "Those darned Shee tried to replace the computer, but we fought ‘em for it, and they eventually got frustrated and left it. They hurt it plenty though, and now I’ll have to totally rewire it."

"Mmmhmm…darn Shee…I’ll rewire them…" Chester mumbled. He sat for a moment, and thought about how he would do so, when something came to him.

"Rewire them! That’s it!! We’ll rewire them! Ha ha, Biff you’re a genius!" Chester jumped up, hugged Biff, and ran off to his hiding spot behind the waterfalls.

"I hope you know you know what you’re doing, kid." Biff said out loud, more to himself than to Chester.

Chester, in the end, did know what he was doing, and after week went by, he came out from his hiding spot and proved it.

Albia was very cold now, despite the growing volcano that continuously caused Albia to shake and shimmy like there was no tomorrow - and the that’s exactly what the norns thought now. Chester found them huddling around a heater or two, in the midst of some very strange looking machines in the kitchen.

The others paid no attention to him as he sped into the room, shivering, pale, hungry, but non the less excited. Charming shuffled towards him, though and gave him a hug. She spoke to him of the horrors that they had endured during that week.

"Oh, Chester, it was awful! So many young norns taken, the poor hand has none left! And actually, the hand has been taken as well! The norns stopped mating when they found out that no matter what, their children would be taken, but the Shee just got angry and forced them to mate. Poor Ginny is expecting her 13th child this day!"

"Wonderful, wonderful, darling." He seemed a little distracted as he headed towards the circle of norns. Only about half looked up, and they didn’t look too pleased.

"Hello, again! I bring with me wonderful news!"

The norns only retorted with sayings such as, "Oh great, the brainless one is going to try and poke their eyes out with carrots." Or "Wonderful. We have no hope now!".

Chester ignored these remarks, and continued.

"No, really there is hope for us yet! Biff had given me the idea of a life time, but we’ll need to plan and work hard. I think we may even have a chance with this one!" Chester smiled and looked excited.

More norns looked up, and actually began to listen. The more Chester spoke, the more the norns listened, and they began to have hope for their desperate situation.

"We’ll have to train a few norns how to re-wire the Shee’s computer system. Biff can show you how to do that, since he’s the expert." Biff simply beamed.

"…And then I’ll lead a team of my own into the area where the Shee have been keeping our children." This announcement got a huge cheer from the norns. They seemed enthused, even willing to go through with the training that would take place over the next two weeks. Their plan was rather simple. Chester would train about 5 norns to stealthy as they could be, so they could be undetected while they unleashed all of the norns inside. Biff showed 5 more norns how to rewire a computer using the learning computer, and the rest mulled and thought over ways to keep one or two of the Shee busy, preferably The two captains (Bob didn’t seem like too much of a threat at this moment.)

Chester had seen many action and spy movies on the t.v. cob, and used his knowledge of these to help the other norns along. They practiced avoiding the beams that could be used as security, and how to keep your balance well. Biff’s group was doing quite well, and they had rewired the learning computer very quickly. Now it thought it was a cheese dispenser! The other norns had come up with a few ideas on how to keep the captains distracted while Chester and Biff went inside the ship. First, they would capture those odd looking white things, with the lolling tongues and the weird eyes and hold them hostage in the special room that was hidden in the earth between the slide-show room and the learning room. Then, other, stronger norns, would begin to move around the funny machines all over the world. The rest of the norns would just basically run around the Shee and be a major nuisance to them.

Two weeks flew by and soon, the teams were ready. On the day after their training was over, the hostage takers set out and tackled any of the odd looking creatures they found, and shoved them into the hidden room, where they could never escape. The stronger norns now did their part, and began to move around, and even beat up the machines that cluttered their beautiful home. This was the signal for Chester and Biff to get moving, and hide, just under the doorway of the huge Shee ship, and wait for the Captains to leave. Those stronger norns created such a ruckus, that the two Captains came out almost immediately.

"Nooo!! Stop that at once, you wretched little norns! Those are extremely valuable machines, and we won’t allow you to… oh for Shee’s sake stop it! No! Not the figglemajig! That was a key piece of hardware!" #101001110 and his co-captain ran from piece to piece, trying to keep the norns from hurting all of their precious equipment, though without much success. "Hey, where are you taking the whosamabob? Come back here you little tramp! Don’t make me hurt you! Get back here!"

Chester and Biff looked at each other and smiled. Maybe those two Shee weren’t that smart after all! Quickly, they took their groups and ran around to the entrance of the ship. Taking a deep breath, they stepped inside.

The inside was bigger than it looked! They wandered down a long corridor, with walls that seemed to be alive and breathing. Even the floor seemed alive, and very spongy. It smelled dank and musty here, and little bugs that looked like cave fly’s were buzzing around. They wandered farther and farther down the hall, until they thought they were lost completely.

"Now which way, fearless leader?" Biff joked. "Hmm…well…" for once, Chester wasn’t so sure of himself, but he couldn’t let it show, or the rest would lose faith. "We should try that door there, yeah, the one with the big lightning bolt on it!" He pointed to a large door across the hall. Biff wandered up, and looked around for a way to get in. Finally, he decided to push a button at the side of the door. There was a banging noise, and the heavy metal door slid open slowly. Jaws dropped. Inside there was a huge computer, covered in blinking lights, buttons, meters, switches, levers, and anything else you could possibly think of.

"All right! Let’s go! This is going to be much more fun than I imagined!" Chester and the rest got to work, banging the casing until they got to the inside, where they started to pull a few "minor" adjustments.

Christa, a blonde horse norn who was helping the distraction effort, noticed that the two Shee were beginning to lose interest. Pulling one of her friends aside, she began to hatch a plan. "’Hey, Corla, wonder what those two goons wear under those big cloaks?" She grinned evilly. "Well, go get some others and find out!" Corla ran off, and soon, a group of females armed with scissors snuck up behind the two captains. Giggling, they began to snip away at the cloaks of the two Shee. "Hey! What are you doing? Stop that! These are quality cloaks! These cost money you know! What are you doing! Shoo! Get away! Yaaaa!" They began to throw the norns this way and that, but that didn’t slow them down any.

Inside the ship, the lights wavered, then everything went black. The norns in the electrical room began to cheer, but they were cut short, as the lights came back on. "Hey! Biff, what’s going on here! We cut the power!" Chester was getting angry. "Hey, it’s not my fault! Hey, here we go!" Biff pointed to a computer screen. Codes and strings of numbers flashed on it, then he pushed a button or two, and a layout of the ship showed up. There were about 20 red blips on the screen - the norns - and farther off, there was another one. Suddenly, the single blip began to move - towards the other ones! It must be Bob! Quickly the norns dashed behind the computer and waited breathlessly. Footsteps could be heard outside the door, and humming. "Doo dee doo doo, hmm… this door shouldn’t be open! Oops! Better close it! There we go! Doo dee doo doo doo…" The foot steps moved away and finally they couldn’t be heard any more. The norns breathed a sigh of relief, and scrambled back to the computer screen. After studying it, Biff pointed to a room that wasn’t too far away, off in the direction that Bob had come from. "Here’s your problem! This whole ship is on a bio-energy generator. We’ll need to shut that down to get rid of all power. Won’t take long. And here, there’s where all those little ones went! In that big warehouse." Biff pointed to the different spots on the screen. "Well, what are we waiting for? Bob? Let’s go!" Chester hit the button to open the door, and they all sped off down the corridor.

"There, that should do it!" Biff stood back from the recycling bin that all the animals were heading into. They were in the bio-energy room now, and they had discovered a new use for pigs. The bio-energy generator was fed pigs and other animals, and they were ground up, with their energy used to supply the ship’s power. Biff had jammed the machine, and soon, the lights flickered and wend out. This time they didn’t come back on. "Flashlights everyone!" Chester called out. Many clicking sounds were made, and the room filled with a glow. "Now lets get going to that warehouse!"

Bob sat up from his nap and opened his eyes. Wait a minute he thought. If my eyes are open, then why is it still dark? Good question. It was a little nippy as well. Getting up slowly, he felt his way to the door. "Ouch!!" He yelped in pain. He stubbed his toe on the cheese dispenser. He felt along the wall for the button to open the door. He punched it. Nothing. He punched it harder. Still nothing. He began to pummel it with his hands, but to no avail, the door would not open. Discouraged, he sat on the floor and began to wail.

"What’s that noise?" Brennan asked, looking about warily into the darkness. "Probably a bat, Brennan. Pipe down we’re trying to find the door!" Conner silenced his friend, and tried to silence his own fears as well. "You two both pipe down! We’re trying to - ah hah! Found it!" Chester jumped up and down and pointed to a large spongy door in the wall with a picture of a norn, a grendle, and one of those weird looking white things with the lolling tongues.

"So how are we going to get in, brainiac?" Asked a rather rude norn in the back of the group. Chester thought for a moment. "Hey, Biff, have you got any sort of tool that could cut through this door? I forgot that no power would make this door not open." Biff rummaged around in his tool bag, and soon came up with…a shovel. "Bi-iff, don’t you have anything better than a shovel?" Chester half whined, half scolded his friend. Biff just grinned. "Hey, these doors look like earth don't they? Don’t worry, I’ll have us in there in a jiff!" And so he set to work digging a large hole in the door. Halfway through the process, he came across some odd looking wires, which he promptly cut.

After a short while, a hole was formed, and eventually it was big enough for a norn to walk right through. Before they went in though, Chester spoke to the group. "Okay everyone, listen up! I’m sure we all know that a lot of children have been taken, so there are going to be a lot of norns in here. We need to keep calm, and act quickly, quietly and undetected. Got it?" Everyone murmured a ‘got it’ and one by one, they stepped into the warehouse.

Meanwhile, the norns outside were in not such a great situation. The Shee were getting extremely angry, and now they had found a hiding spot for the time being and were thinking of ways to get rid of the norns that were bothering them. "You know, #101001110, there aren’t that many of them, they should be easy to take care of. I don’t see why we’re still bothering with them!" whispered his co-captain harshly. "Quiet you!" #101001110 shouted back as he slapped his companion. "This is getting worse. I don’t see how so few norns can be such a nuisance! And we would have trapped them with the cage, but I CAN’T FIND IT!! Those little pip-squeaks hid it and now I don’t know where it is!" The poor captain looked on the verge of tears. "Hey, easy! They’ll find us…hey…wait a minute! Remember the night we took that pathetic male’s daughter from the garden? And all those other times we’ve come across those norns? Didn’t you notice there were more of them then than there are now?" The co-captain thought for a moment. "Yes, but we’ve taking their offspring for a while now, of course there isn’t that many of them any more!" #101001110 admitted. "No no no! Before those stupid norns started messing things up, there were about 30 of them! Now there are only about 15 or so! So where did those other ones go? There are no bodies!" "Why you’re right! Those little demons are up to something…Oh my goodness, we left the ship in the hands of…" #101001110 trailed off and looked helplessly at his partner "Oh No!" #100012100’s face clouded over, "We’ve got to do something fast about those rodents, and then get the rest of them out of our ship! And fast! There’s no telling what they could do! You know the saying; ‘There’s strength in stupidity in numbers’! And so they set about planning a way to capture the norns.

Back inside the space ship, Chester and Biff’s team of norns were inside the warehouse, flashlights on, and peering around. When they first entered, they expected to find the very same norns that were abducted by the Shee, maybe a bit thinner or tired looking, but generally the same. What they found was to them, horrifying. Cage upon cage contained an odd looking being, with a dish of water and one rotten carrot to nourish whatever was inside. On the front of the cages, there were nameplates of the norns or what ever that were kept there. As soon as Chester and his team entered, the creatures began to wail, and some even could speak, calling out for a parent or food. Some of the team sat there cowering, but Chester urged them on, trying to find his daughter or some other norn he knew. They walked down the rows, calling out when they found a norn they knew. Reading the names he saw aloud, and found that next to them there was a species type. "Tommy-Ettin, Brittany-Norn, Georgie-Mernorn, Hector-Norn" Chester stopped in front of Hector’s cage. Hector was a friend of Danna’s, a nice boy who had a crush on her. Now, he looked odd. His ears were larger and his fur was a green tint, and he had the saddest eyes Chester had ever seen. He sure didn’t look like Hector, but when he peered down into the eyes, and found that the thing inside really was Danna’s playmate. Hector suddenly recognized the rescuer, and cried out, "Chester! Oh you’ve come to save us! Don’t! Just save yourselves! Those wretched creatures changed us with their machinery, and they plan on destroying our whole world and turning it into some super planet or something. I’ll be fine here, but you’ve got hope and a chance to escape – take that chance! Don’t risk it on me!" He began to howl wildly, and Chester used all he could to calm him down. "Hector, cool it! We know what we’re doing, and we’re going to save you – all of you. Do – do you know if…" He hesitated and bit his lip, "Is Danna still alive?" Hector just sighed and started mumbling "Crazy norn…norn crazy…craziness coming to stay…Danna crazy…Chester crazy…shee crazy…crazy machines come change norns…" Chester was just about to wring the rambling norn’s little neck, but a voice a few cages down stopped him. "Daddy…?" It inquired faintly. It sounded strained and tired, but, was unmistakably Danna’s! Chester ran to the beautiful sound, and stopped in front of a cage that read: Danna-Norn. He breathed a sigh of relief. At least she was of her own kind still! But when he looked at the creature inside, he didn’t recognize her at all. Her fur was thicker and her ears were larger, like Hector’s, but once again, the eyes belonged to the true creature inside. "Danna?" He whispered hoarsely, "is that you?" The norn inside crawled up to the bars of the cage and peered at the norn staying her name. "Daddy? It’s Danna!" She cried out loud in recognition. "Danna! Oh my shee I thought I’d never find you!" They both wept with tears of happiness. Biff interrupted the reunion "Hey, Chester, I see you found your daughter! That’s great! I found the key, so now we can let all these norns out. Here take one! There were two on the hook!" He hand Chester an odd looking key and so they set about unlocking the norns.

Back to the co-captains, who were fleeing as quietly as possible to the grendle tree, where they were almost sure that they had stored a net or two, just in case of emergency. Finding what they were looking for, they waited for the darkness to fall, then quietly crept back to the garden where all the norns were hunting for the two missing shee. As they tip-toed along, #101001110 whispered to #100012100, "You know, all those norns bothering us has made me hungry, and you know, I’ve never tried a good norn stew!" He licked his lips and cackled under his breath. "Or norn flamb?" #100012100 sniggered under his breath. The both chuckled quietly as they snuck on.

Back in the garden, norns everywhere were searching hi and lo for the missing shee captains. Armed with parts broken off of the machinery, the whacked and hit any object the two shee could be hiding behind. Brian, a purple mountain norn who was related to Charming quite distantly, began to bang any machine within his reach, and hit the geo-shaker. The world began to tremble, and from that point on, many things occurred. First, machines began to get swallowed into the earth, frightening the norns, who gathered into a cluster in the middle of the garden. #101001110 and #100012100 were thrown forward in surprise, but soon recovered and made a mad dash for the garden. As the world began to tremble uncontrollably, panic ensued inside the spaceship.

"What in the world is going on?!" Chester cried, as he kept himself from falling as he lead the captives and the team to supposed safety. "I don’t know" Shouted Biff as the ship shuddered and groaned, "But it feels like the ground is dancing to a different drum!" Above the creaking of the space ship, the frantic wailings of the trapped Bob could be heard, and even higher, were the screams of the norns in the gardens. Suddenly, Chester and his gathering burst through the entrance of the ship, just as the two co-captains emerged from the jungle.

All set to pounce, the shee were stopped short as a parade of scrambling creatures came flooding from the inside of their ship! "Blast you wretched norns!" Cried #101001110, "See what you have done? You’ve destroyed our hard work, and effort to make this world into something even better before!" Confusion had let itself loose among the norns, and parents and children scrambled to find each other. Eventually, the rumblings of the ground stopped, and the shee spoke, and norns listened. "Foolish creatures, you have destroyed our attempts at creating a super-breed of norns, grendels, and ettins. You have disrupted evolution!" #100012100 scolded the norns, grouped behind their leader Chester.

He took the pause as an oppourtunity. "Listen here, Shee! We don’t really approve of you marching right in here and abducting our children! You disrupted our way of life, and you underestimated our intelligence! You’ve done enough damage as it is, and so we think you should get lost!" Cheers went up from the norns rallying behind Chester.

#101001110 looked at his co-captain helplessly, then taking a deep breath, spoke. "Then so be it, creatures. You are obviously more intelligent than we fully expected you to be, and you have made your decision. You have decided this planet’s fate, as well as the fate of your species. Live with and accept the changes we have made, and now we go in peace from you." And with that, #101001110 and #100012100 climbed into their space craft. The world froze, the space ship hovered, and then disappeared. The world returned to what was now normal, and all the norns gathered around Chester, congratulating him and patting him on the back.

Eventually, the norns cleaned up all the machines, which they found quite useful, and set them aside and easily accessible for future generations to use. They discovered that they now had acquired a volcano and many new underground chambers. New plants popped up everywhere, and there were plenty of new animals roaming around. As for the norns, they had been changed to adapt to new surroundings, and to the new seasons that occurred: spring, summer, fall and winter. They found that the norns that were changed into ettins were now quite helpful, and that even grendels weren’t all that evil. Norns mated freely again, and eventually, the four different breeds combined to create what we know today as the ettins, norns and grendels we see in creatures 2. Here the saga ends.