Chapter 17: Lower Engineering

Rain waited. Nothing happened. She opened her eyes and saw Silk. Their eyes meet for a moment and then Silk turned around and shouted. "She's awake." She turned back. "How do you feel?"

"What's the matter?" Rain asked. White, Gold (a female Ettin) and Wind (a male Ettin) came into her view. So all of Erik's lead engineers were here. But what exactly was 'here'? "And where am I?"

Wind started to explain. "You are in the medical bay, in the Lower Engineering. You were exposed to some hallucinogenic substances. The haunted path seems to be part of the labs' ventilation system. We have no idea what exactly you were exposed to, but we are working on it."

"Did you say Lower Engineering?"

"Yes," White answered, "about an hour after you went to the Haunted Path the Computer said the Lower Engineering isn't sealed any longer and the teleporters are working again. And here we are."

Rain needed some moments before she could say anything. But Silk was patient. "Yes, it's quite a shock, isn't it?"

"Where are Erik and Fire?" Rain finally asked.

"In the beds left of you, still asleep. We had to give you a sleep drug. You were kicking and hitting us and Erik tried to eat his arm." Wind told her.

"Eating his arm?"

"Yes, it's in no good condition, I can tell you. He won't be able to use it for a while..."

Rain tried to get up, but Silk pushed her down. "You stay in bed."

"Says who?"

"Your doctor." Silk replied. "You need some more rest and there's nothing for you to do."

"And Douglas? Have you found him? Is he all right?"

"He's in the next room. Must have been some kind of emergency program. We still try to find out what exactly happened. And he's still in coma. Maki has an eye on him." Gold said.

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