The Story of The Zebra Norns

Never being able to keep himself amused for very long, the Lone Shee needed something to bring a bit of excitement back into his life. He'd got a bit tired of randomly Warping around from world to world - and he'd had too many bad experiences that the thrill of it all seemed more of a chore than a game. He needed to find fun, and fast.

Desperately searching through his Gene Library, he suddenly realised that he had a load of genetic material which he had never done anything with. Sure he'd stolen Treehugger eggs, scanned the genomes of sunbathing Bondis, taken skin samples from Toxic Norns and fought with Hardman Norns for just a simple tuft of hair - but he also had a whole load of other genes lying around from other Warp adventures.

Throwing caution to the wind he randomly picked a few appealing genes from out of his collection. He'd always liked the stripes of the Bengal Norn, but despaired at its striking orange colouration - not one of his favourite colours! So he decided to do some mixing and matching with stripe and spot genes.

In the Gene Library he found the genes for the stripes of the Grazers, the Clown fish and the Wasp - all critters from onboard the Shee Ark. He took these genes and spliced them with the Bengal stripes, and for a bit of variety he threw in some Civet Norn spots too! He had no idea what would be the outcome, but it was that uncertainty which was what made it so fun!

Finally he thought he'd got the combination right. The genes looked a bit odd as he studied them under his microscope, but he was pretty confident that it would all turn out right in the end. Now all he needed was a female Norn to bring the egg to maturity - he chose a friendly Chi Chi Norn that had been following him around recently.

After only a few minutes she squatted down on the ground, and laid a tiny little egg. It was so small and intricate - it looked like porcelain. He picked it up and placed it on the heat-pan incubator. Moments later it hatched and out popped the cutest stripey Norn baby he had ever seen!

This baby Norn looked like a Civet, but not. It was like a Bengal, but not. Okay, so it certainly wasn't much like a Grazer, Clown fish or Wasp either. He wasn't really sure quite what it was, but for some reason he couldn't understand, the word Zebra seemed to come to mind. He had no idea who or what a Zebra was, but it just seemed to feel right. As he reached down to pick up the baby Norn, he realised that after all this time he was finally smiling again.