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10th October 2021

Today I polished my CCSF release. I have decided to rewangle my world Zeruko and finish off Arcadia.


7th October 2021

I fixed some spelling mistakes and updated a few things. I also worked on my release for CCSF 2021.


22nd May 2021

I found and added the epic new Frost Grendels!


20th April 2021

Today I  added some diagram I made a while ago to the norn comparison page and
to a new info page about game and addon releases.

I also updated the Blond/Brunette and Santa norn pages.


18th April 2021

In between fixing up sheds on the allotment I've been working hard on my CCSF releases,
which I've decided NOT to mention on here in case I accidentally upload this file.

Main mention is that in trawling old websites, i managed to find the page where the Highlander norns have been hiding!
I also dug up their tree:

* marks immortal norns



3rd April 2021

Apparently I've been nominated to be a coordinator for this year's CCSF.
I was surprized, flattered and then quickly I started thinking of the work involved, then I realised if I am to do it,
I should gather a team to delegate to and share ideas with.

This I can do.

Also I updated my cob and breed ideas pages, without giving too much away.



29th March 2021

I added a little more information and images to the mythology section.

I also uploaded the stufy I did on pigment genes to the coloured norns page.



28th March 2021

Finally raining, so I'm back on the website.

I've added links and updated that section, including finally adding a side bar to match the other sections.

I also added Ron and Horse norn pages, as I wanted to honor these breed groups.
These pages still need work



23rd March 2021

Finished Cohort Six and the start of Seven and now all my Main Sequence norns are linked!



(Blotchy, generaion 1 and Blaze, generation 175)


At some point I'll go back through and add icons for sex & origin, and add some more trees and other data




22nd March 2021

Took a break from gardening and norn uploading to add a C1 to DS page

This wonderful metaroom allows fervent C1 fans to continue playing the original style game on the new C3/DS engine



21st March 2021

Cohort five is finished, last few generations of Cohort six to go then alll my available norns are linked!



19th March 2021

Last night I finished Cohort 4, this morning I added some more artwork to my downloads section.

It's sunny, so I'm off to the allotment!



17th March 2021

This evening I added some more generations to my own norn section,
and added some more images to the weird albia and norns sections.



15th March 2021

I have been linking my main sequence norns to the website, I have finally finished Cohort 2 and begun 3.

Recently I did some behind-the-scenes stuff to make it easier to navigate my folders, so if any broken links turn up let me know.



12th March 2021

Okay so it's been a great few days to be on the allotment, but I finally got around to adding
Wingies to my site, they are awesome mods of the original breeds with wings

They have inspired me to continue work on my heavenly cloud rooms.

I also added some more norns to the GM & Undead pages



11th March 2021

I found a german creatures website called Nornywood with many links for old sites from around the world.
I had a lot of fun adding these links to my pages, and had to split the links pages yet again to make room!

I am also trying to add more icons to the Icons cob



10th March 2021

Further work on Project Arcadia has borne fruit in terms of several cob updates,
and a new cob I call Icons, which is basically a user interface.



9th March 2021

I continued work on the Snow Foxes, and took a break to create
a conversion of Ron norns called Geat Rons.


Due to there being a saturation of norn breeds in C1, and there being shee/geat slots free,
I have decided to put both Ron and Snow Foxes there.



8th March 2021

I took a break from my other projects to update my Temple Cave cob.

It now includes a new Macro Gregoid with Micro grendels,
and Purple Mountain Hooch by Malkin



7th March 2021

I finally finished my conversion of the Micro Grendels for C2
I couldn't find out their original creators yet.

I also began work on converting the Snow Fox norns made for C12DS,
I like the look of them and I have gotten around to start converting them to C1.



6th March 2021

I continued work on version 2 of the Blond norns.

I also fixed The Undercanopy cob, it was causing the jukebox to vanish.
It was caused by scripts from the Cave Flies cob, which I've now removed.



5th March 2021

After spending a few days editing stories, I decided to create the Feliz norns,
designed to be happier and more robust than the average norn.
They are based on Formosa norns so have all their Life kit genes too.

I worked on my Blond norns v2, and used this new genome for them.



26th February 2021

I rediscovered a whole bunch of cobs I found by a german fella called David Kiefer,
I have been integrating them into my website.



25th February 2021

I added more artwork to the download pages.

I also finished the Hercules Statue cob.



24th February 2021

Today I have been mostly editing stories, as well as working on my edited Albia called Arcadia.



22nd February 2021

I worked my way through untested cobs, and I've found a few gems and added them to my pages.

There remains a few to add yet, then I'll probably return to linking my norns or editing stories.



20th February 2021

I have been uploading cobs I've found and I stumbled across the second version of the Injector Kit, I'm very enthused.
This will make testing the rest of the cobs much easier :)



18th February 2021

Continued working on uploading my main norn family, I'm up to generation 29.



17th February 2021

More uploading of norns.

I also found a great review of my website by Doringo, which was very encouraging.



16th February 2021

Spurred on by a reminder email about my website, and one about a few mistakes on the Patches page,
I get back into uploading my main sequence norns.


 /// ERROR









4th December 2020

Today I have been gathering more cobs for Arcadia.


3rd June 2020

Still working on Arcadia.


1st June 2020

I've been working hard on a new Albia called Arcadia, based on the
ancient greek paradise, wiith a statues and lots of nature.


22rd May 2020

I'm taking a break from editing and uploading my main tree of norns, and all their pictures.
So I took a break from editing a volume of text that almost DOUBLES the page count of my website
to upload just shy of TWO THOUSAND files, lol.


20th May 2020

I'm still editing / reading and uploading stories, along with a few poems and suchlike.


16th May 2020

I finally got around to uploading all the stories I collected recently, mostly from archives 



15th May 2020

Today I updated the Santa page, adding some images
and norns.



14th May 2020

I added two new pages to the Macintosh download section

100 new norns were added to the new Mac Norns Page

76 new cobs were added to the new Mac Cobs Page



11th May 2020

I found a great review of my site by Kezune



8th May 2020

I added a bunch more pictures to the site, especially the Immortals page


27th April 2020

Created the Formosa norns, containing all of the LifeKit, Santa 97 and PMN genes.



25th April 2020

Added Pow Wow, Star Trek and Fairy norns to the mac section. I also found some cobs to add.



20th April 2020

Updated all the links, added a couple of dozen images. I also started collecting old awards to preserve them



17th April 2020

I added some useful Icons to the links page and split it in two




16th April 2020

Some decorations were added to my orn breed pages.

I spent AGES crafting this logo from the original script, I'm pretty happy with it.



30th March 2020

Mostly I've been adding images, although I did find time to update the rooms pages.






1st July 2019

Added some official Artwork to a new page.







22nd June 2018

Finally finished the Creatures + Update, a compilation of updates for creatures.



15th June 2018

Added a few cobs, a couple of utilities, some pictures and an Artwork Page.
Currently it only has Cyberlife's promotional material.
Tom norn

I also recreated the Tom norns using mum4.gen and gave her
a horse norn head, PMN limbs and banana body. She also has light colouring.
In a later version I'll add silver hair to all life stages.



14th June 2018

I created some Bacchus norns as I had none and knew exactly what the mutation is.
The new norns are named for spanish words for beauty:
Guapo - handsome
Gentil - comely
Hermoso - beautiful
I packaged them with cobs to make more bacchus norns and test for Bacchus genes.


13th June 2018

After spending days working on cobs that are STILL faulty, I took a break to create the Purple Forest Ron Santas,
or PFRS norns. They have all the genes added by the Purple Mountain, Forest, Ron and Santa 1997 breeds.
Their appearance is a random mix of these breeds, I added a cob to make extra eggs of the same kind.

They should work well with Santra the Female Golden Santa.

I also added a few documents and many images to the Norn, Information and Downloads sections.



5th June 2018

I finally finished converting the Aardvark norns from Creatures 2 into the Anteaters, a new shee breed  for Creatures!



3rd June 2018

Today I made the School Time cobs, for sending creatures to the basement where Encyclopedia Nornica is installed.

I'm also in the process of breeding Daybreak norns with Wacko norns.
So far there is one lame norn, and one stillbirth caused by what I'm referring to as the Reverse-Highlander mutation,
and what might be a genetic form of ME.



2nd June 2018

I found, tested and added a few more programs to the Utilities page,
and a batch of Sounds to the Patches page.
I updated the Passageways cobs, making version 2.



1st June 2018

I created and added a food web to the Flora and Fauna page.



31st May 2018

I fixed the Training Plant cob by Markham Caroll

Training Plant

I also fixed the Undertaker cob.



30th May 2018

Today I made a new food plant the Jungle Banana Plant.
Its bananas are a bit of an aphrodisiac.

Vickey by the Banana Plant

I also added icons for cobs without images.
hider   mover   remover   renamer




29th May 2018

I created an adoption page for downloading non-norn creatures.
So far it's mostly grendels, but there are some immortal ettins.
Grendel, Ettin & Shee
I also added a few immortal, mutant and gm norns to their respective pages.
Finally, I added many norn six packs to this page.

27th May 2018

I finally got around to adding a Macintosh page to the downloads section.
It has four utilities, two breeds, 13 norns and six cobs so far.
Mac apple

26th May 2018

Today, as a break from adding stuff to my site, I've been working on a new cob,
The Tribble Trouble cob. This screenshot says it all:
Not long after this screenshot, Creatures crashed because it couldn't add more objects, but they wouldn't...stop...breeding.
There's still a few bugs to iron out, but version 1 is out now..

25th May 2018

Searched the Cob Vault to see what cobs are still missing.
Happily I discovered there is only 32 cobs at large, not
83 as the page said!
I also added a new image for it.
Cob Vault
Updated the page accordingly, and fixed a few mistakes.
Then I found a folder called "Missing from Cob Vault" and now I'm missing only 13!
I also added a few norns to the GM section.

4th until 23rd May 2018

I undertook the arduous task of checking the grammar, spelling and punctuation, and fixing the apparently many broken links.
These broken links hark back to when I renamed all my .htm files from "creatures" with affixed numbers and letters to more usefully descriptive ones.

It was well worth the effort to make this site readable and functional!

I also updated the Links page again and spent a long time finding archives for the down sites.




All year

Little creatures-related activity on my part.




13th November 2016

I added several fungi food objects and began work on the raft. (for Zeruko)

12th November 2016

I altered and installed many toys, music and food cobs to Zeruko.
I also started work on movers, creating a Basket Lift and an edited version of Eric Leif's Teleporters.
Finally I created a version of Spore Ettins and Macro Gregoid for Zeruko and installed them.

10th November 2016

I added and adjusted rooms to my new world Zeruko.

7th November 2016

Today I declared the backdrop for Zeruko completed, or at least complete enough to start using it.

3rd November 2016

Worked on Zeruko, downloading images to incorporate into the backdrop and layering them in Open Office Draw.

30th October 2016

Discovered the One Stop Sprite Workshop, and added it to my downloads section.

29th October 2016

Found some new pictures of Shee and Ettins to add to their respective information pages.

25th October 2016

Updated the Links page, lots of fun trawling through Creatures pages old and new.
I found more banners for some sites.
I also created a separate section for pages for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival to keep them together.

22nd October 2016

Came back to my website, spell-checked and updated links on 58 pages.
Boring work, but it sorely needed doing.

3rd January 2016

I worked on the Cob Vault.


2013 to 2015



I didn't keep this page up to date, so I'm not sure what I worked on!






25th August 2012

Added some cobs to the Cob Vault.

24th August 2012

Updated a few pages.







25th August 2011

Added some cobs to the Cob Vault.

24th August 2011

Created the Norgrenorndel breed and The Music Room cob.


22nd August 2011

Converted the Micro Ettins by EttinTrix as Minim Ettins:

minim.jpg (12706 bytes)

20th August 2011

Added some more banner images to the Links page, and created them from screenshots of the page if there weren't any.
Added quotes and a couple of images to the What is Creatures? page.
Also removed a page relating to non C1 grendels, as t has no place on my C1 only website.


19th August 2011

Renamed the vast majority of the webpage file names. Makes for easier surfing and makes it easier for me to edit.
More interestingly I created images of four family trees I have previously created for my own purposes, and placed them on the relevant pages as well as the links below:

1) The Hungry Ghost Project
2) The Dawnites
3) Cardinal Mountain Norns
4) The Rage Gene


9th August 2011

Added Leopard Gecko Ettins and TPSE to the Spore Ettins cob.
Made new version of Macro Gregoid, by fixing an error, and making it work automatically.

With Spore Ettin and Macro Gregoid, Albia will always have plenty of Ettins and Grendels.

Also updated Map Locator to show pregnant creatures with a slightly different symbol.
...then added edible plant cobs to The Roofgarden to easily provide food to that part of Albia.
...finally created The House Refurb, a compilation of cobs affecting the house.

Busy day! I guess having aches from digging sand all day at a Sandcastle Competition gives you plenty of free time.


July 2011

Created a lite version of Geatville on Weebly.
>link here<


12th January 2011

The Denali Ettins by Lazlo becomes fourth ettin breed to be converted this year.

denali.gif (9769 bytes)


10th January 2011

The Turquoise and Pink Striped Ettins by Norngirl becomes the third ettin breed I convert this year

tpse.jpg (4410 bytes)


9th January 2011

Converted the Hivemind Ettins using sprites by Christian Werwitz.

hive_ettin.jpg (2226 bytes)


3rd January 2011

Converted Silvak's Leopard Gecko Ettins.

lep_gecko.jpg (4482 bytes)






30th December 2010

I finally completed the Blond and Brunette counterparts to the Horse norns. This project started around August 2008 and is finally complete!

blond&brunette.gif (4198 bytes)

BreedC.jpg (6489 bytes)


19th December 2010

I had to update the following cobs after I discovered that their affects when eaten affect the currently selected norn instead of the norn that ate it:

Carrot Variety Pack
Bridge Flowers
Allotment Potatoes
Subter Grubs

On a more interesting note, I finally completed the Red and Green Apple Trees that I began in early 2004, better late than never!

r&g apple trees.gif (7000 bytes)  shee4.gif (5183 bytes)

Also completed a conversion of Marcus's C3 shee breed.


18th December 2010

After a hiatus of several months, Geatville is back up and running, I have a few things in the pipeline such as a new breed of shee and various cobs.
Watch this space.


13th January 2010

Received 68 of the 84 cobs missing from the Cob Vault, from my co-conspirator GirlySatan.


7th January 2010

Finished Beta 0.2 version of Pacifica. Now has forcefield for a doorway and a Seaberry fruit vendor,
I'll upload it when it has a lift and computer added.


2nd January 2010

Started the Pacifica Project. This is a new room for the ocean, inspired by Atlantia and graphics in C2.


1st January 2010

Got to bed at 5AM, but still enjoying adding cobs to the Vault, added 54 that I had complied over the last couple of days from old backup CDs and websites I found on ReoCities.
I love ReoCities, a diligent attempt to preserve the websites being lost in the GeoCities implosion.






29th December 2009

Completed the main phase of Cob Vault earlier than expected.
Last step is to hunt down as many the remaining cobs as possible.
The current grand total is 670 which breaks down into:
126 third party, 91 of my own, plus 453 new ones.


28th December 2009

After an awesome Christmas, I'm looking forward to completing the Cob Vault then moving on to other projects I've neglected.
So I added cobs from drink, food, mover and music families to the Cob Vault.


17th December 2009

Added links to the Cob Vault of all cobs already on this website. Then added links to all cobs in the "animals" family.
Later on uploaded these cobs. One family down, many more to go!


11th December 2009

Added the links to the main cobs on my site to the Cob Vault. Next step is to upload the 473 other cobs I have :-P


11th December 2009

Made a few alterations in various places. I also continued work on the Cob Vault, which now has just over 400 cobs.


10th December 2009

Started work on the Cob Vault, a store of all C1 cobs for posterity.
Also finished the People page, a description of C1 cob makers, and a summary of their creations.


9th December 2009

Started the People page.


7th December 2009

Updated the tired old text-only menu bar with what you see above. I'm quite happy with the icons I came up with, well worth the effort methinks.
Added new pictures to this page for the main trilogy. Also fixed a few typos.


19th November 2009

Discovered that GeoCities had finally cannibalised another of it's products.
Here's a quote from Rupert Godwins that shows a very capitalist sort of mind:

"the first proof that you could have something really popular and still not make any money on the internet."

Vijay Mukhi was quoted saying:

"a lost opportunity for Yahoo! They could have made it a Facebook if they wanted."

Which is another good point, it could have been a renaissance. Ah well.


18th November 2009

Only added a few things, fixed the occasional typo and broken link. Received an email showing gratitude from the organisers of the CCSF2009.

ccsf09_contribute.gif (7686 bytes)

Great stuff! I shall have to resist the urge to make an awards page. LOL.


November 3rd 2009

On the third day of the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2009, my website was relaunched with this review on the CCSF09 website:

Our next release comes from MuppetBoy, who has relaunched his site, Geatville, for this year’s CCSF.

Geatville is a site with a heavy focus on Creatures 1 development, so this one’s for all you long-time members of the community who remember a time when agents were cobs and ettins were nothing more than speculation.  For those of you who still have their old copy of C1 lying around, this is a great opportunity to get it back up and running. MuppetBoy has a truly massive amount of content available on this site for the original game, and it’s definitely worth taking your time to browse through it all.

You can reach Geatville by clicking on either of the images in this post, or by simply going to


October 26th 2009

GeoCities is closed by Yahoo. Thirteen Creatures 1 websites deleted in the process, including one that was eleven years old.
Many more creatures sites lost, though to be fair many had not been updated in years..
A severe blow to fansites generally and the online community.


23rd October 2009

Added the Plant and Tropical norn breeds, renamed the "World" page to "Places" as it seems more appropriate,
this meant I could move all cobs and data pertaining to rooms to it.


19th October 2009

GirlySatan of GirlySatan's Creatures, who I have had a bit of email rapport with for a while now, has agreed to be my official Beta Tester.
She has already worked on Olympia, and has begun on several new breeds. I also added candles to the front page, specifically for SteerPike (Max Jerome) who is not mentioned on the list as he is no longer with us.

candle1.gif (9219 bytes)

Rest in peace SteerPike


18th October 2009

Concluded the Hungry Ghost Project.


16th October 2009

Moved the geography section to the worlds section.

Started the Hungry Ghost Project. Details can be found on the Page of the Undead.


15th October 2009

I added a guestbook.


14th October 2009

Finally uploaded all the zips. Took ages as I had to use their crappy online file uploader which only allows the upload of three files at a time.
As this site is composed of 1,214 files, you can imagine how long this took!

But finally it is done!


11th October 2009

After messing with a couple of other websites, I found AwardSpace.
I uploaded all my .htm and image files.


29th September 2009

Completed Zebra Geordie norns & made them a page.

zebra.jpg (6337 bytes)

The sprites for the female are converted from the C2 fantasia norns,
the male's sprites come from C2 zebra norns both created by Mummy.


23rd September 2009

Finished uploading the website, just need to wait for my payment to go through to remove the super annoying adverts, and to allow me to upload zip files.
If anyone reads this and wants any downloads I can email them to you, if you email me.
stats1.gif (7043 bytes)
Some stats for my site as of today:

171 pages (22 are frames)
594 pictures
413 downloads (66 meg)
375 creatures and
418 cobs


22nd September 2009

Created the Spore Ettins!

spore_ettin_3.gif (27864 bytes)

... and a page for them.
Finally started to upload my website, joy :-)


21st September 2009

Added pictures to the Patches and Updates download page and to the cob pages.


20th September 2009

I spent quite a while in the wee hours, then later after sleep updating the links page, found a few new ones,
and checked the update status of quite a few sites.
links.jpg (4805 bytes)
Then I created a new page for my norns, adding a few more downloads here, such as the Super Breeders.
Finally I updated the front page, moving a chunk of basic information about Creatures from the main page to a new page.

ccsf_2009.jpg (34865 bytes)
I decided that I would try to time my website's relaunch for this year's CCSF, so I added this banner to the main page,
so and upped my search for free webspace, I also re-bought


11th September 2009

Created a new page to hold norns released by Cyberlife, including the original Six Pack and the Ten Pack.


10th September 2009

Added pictures to the Useful Cobs pages.

cow.gif (3776 bytes)


8th September 2009

Added the Cob Author's Guide that was written by Slink.

text.gif (1545 bytes)


7th September 2009

Altered some of the images on the front page, also updated this update page, including adding some more pictures and links.


18th August 2009

Created this image for the Rooms page:

rooms.jpg (65493 bytes)


28th July 2009

Found and converted the Nano Norns. Also created some montages for the GES pages.

nano.jpg (918 bytes)


7th July 2009

Converted the Snail Ettins.

snail.jpg (4510 bytes)






10th October 2008

I amended the updates page, and mulled over the fact that I've not played in a couple of months.
Well it's my birthday soon, so I may be inspired by the party cheer to play again next week...

nualbia - map.jpg (32193 bytes)

Also updated the Nualbia Page, go there for a separate update page and an origin story.
Finally I updated the Medical Book page.


27th August 2008

Joy! I discovered that the Life Kit is now freeware, so I've added it to my downloads section.
Also updated the Links page :-)


26th August 2008

Created a separate page for Documentation downloads.


24th August 2008

Added Steve Grand's mythography to the downloads pages.


17th August 2008

Created the Wave File page in the Information section.


16th August 2008

Added the new egg Collector cob to my Advanced Breeders Pack.
Like it  sounds, it collects all eggs and puts them in the kitchen. Inspired by a similar C3 cob.


14th August 2008

Created the Biochemistry page in the Information section.

digestive.jpg (24664 bytes)

To this end I also made several diagrams such as the one above using PowerPoint.


13th August 2008

Replaced the Hex Editing program Axe with Cygnus as it does not have an annoying 30 day trial thing.
I also added a few .pdf files to the downloads pages.


12th August 2008

Continuing my cobbling, I've *finally* completed the Allotment Potatoes and also made The Undercanopy.



10th August 2008

I brought together my new Heliotrope Butterflies with the Scarlet and Cloud Butterflies in the Butterfly Pack.
I also collected several cobs into the Jungle Bugs Pack:
Yellow Idae, Spider, Wasp Nest & Cave Flies.
Finally I created the Lycopersicum, or Tomato plant, to most people, created from C2 sprites and my Acornium cob scripts.


9th August 2008

Realised I've not made cobs for over two years, so I've created the Saltwater Goldfish, Heliotrope Butterflies and the Acornium Plant.
The Goldfish provided a bit of a head ache, but I got some help from studying Steve Dismukes' Ornamental Fish.
Heliotrope Butterflies were a simple case of converting sprites and altering Cloud Butterfly scripts.
The Acornium was quite fun to make, even though it took a while to weed all the bugs out.

goldfish.jpg (8893 bytes)   h_bfly.jpg (4903 bytes)   acornium.jpg (8926 bytes)


7th August 2008

Laboriously rehashed all the data on the New Cyberlife Genes page to help me re-create the YinYang norns. Then I used this genome to create V2 of the Pedigree Norns.

I also worked on an old project of mine, the Brunette and Blond norns. This is to split Horse norns into two breeds, one with both sexes having blond hair, in the Santa 95 slot, and the other with both sexes having brunette hair, remaining in slot 2. Here's a picture of the brunette baby girl:

brunette_baby.jpg (3086 bytes)


5th August 2008

Created this Updates Page, it very accurate down to 2006, beyond that its mostly relying on file dates to achieve a reasonable level of accuracy.
I also used dates from such sources as the Creatures Wiki. Updated Links a bit more, I noticed that The Original Creatures Webring has no organiser and tried to take control but they are currently updating their site  :-s


1st August 2008

Laboriously completed the Scripts page an amazing page called Girly Satan's Creatures helped a lot as did the Creatures Wiki.


30th July 2008

Added Slink's Multiple Grendel Button cob. Also added documentation for Darwinia.


28th July 2008

Added Freya's Human Hand sprites.

Human Hand


26th July 2008

Added a note on the original description of Grendels. Updated Macro Gregoid to fix a minor glitch now v1.1.

macro_gregoid.gif (8456 bytes)

Added Dr §mile's Yellow Idae and Markham Carroll's Training Plant cobs.


25th July 2008

Created the Greih & Nottin Norns. Greih look like Shee and Nottin look like Ettins.

shee3.jpg (5393 bytes)   ettin01.jpg (3828 bytes)

Added the Cooking Pot, TV and VCR cobs by Stefan Kuske & Purple Mountain Hooch by Malkin.
Also rearranged the Information pages to relegate some part of the Medical Book .
Found and added CJ's Genome Editor, its an amazing find :-D

Also added a new text file to all norns and cobs I host. Phew that took ages!
Also made a tally of Cobblers that I'll add to this site at some point.


23rd July 2008

Added a note on the Santa Page about C2 Santa norns.
Discovered and added Tomte Grendels and Norns, I'm especially impressed by the norns.

tomte_g.jpg (4615 bytes)   tomte_n.jpg (3892 bytes)


16th July 2008

Updated the comments on my own norn pages. Ahh nostalgia, again realising how long I've been playing, its been over a decade!
Although my gameplay has been far from continuous, I still have the same family. :-)

Added Pezz, Dude, Peanut, Starlite, Cardinal Mountain & Sagewood norns. The latter being the best by far.
I also bulked up the Medical Book considerably.
Added a funky syringe image to the Consumables page.

syringe.jpg (5280 bytes)

Replaced all links to my old email address with the new one


26th April 2008

Added names to the Pedigree norn page.
Added the Chronicles of Nornia to the downloads page.


23rd January 2008

Converted and added C3 Plague Ettins by Snapdragon.
Technically a re-conversion of NornenMeister's C2 version.

plague.jpg (5770 bytes)


15th January 2008

Updated Island Food cob AGAIN, must be v3 by now.


14th January 2008

Created the Concept space for remembering cob ideas.
Converted the C2 Pumuckl Norns.

pumuckl.jpg (7308 bytes)


10th January 2008

Put Weird norns on their own sub-page of Weird Albia.






23rd December 2007
*  * *                                                                     * *  *
* *  *  Yay going home for Christmas tomorrow!  *  * *
*  * *                                                                       * *  *

Converted C2 Albian Grays from Hell

grays_from_hell.jpg (2108 bytes)


29th June 2007

Created norn Comparison page.


28th February 2007

Sozu and his son Tenner exported, some of my favourite norns,
from generations 140 and 141 respectively.






24th December 2006

Rearranged the directory structure of my website to make it easier to use.

31st November 2006

Created the Learning Room cob, inspired by Slink's Sheif cob.
Also created The Roof Garden, a compilation of several earlier cobs.


26th June 2006

Started playing again. I'm up to generation 137 now.






9th September 2005

Briefly played this day, only time I played in this entire year.

Probably because it was my last year at university, the second time around,
don't worry my messing up university twice was not due to addiction, Creature related or otherwise,
but to Learning difficulties I learned I had far too late in the day for effective support to be put in place.
Ah well *shrugs*.

confusion.jpg (37853 bytes)


14th August 2005

C12DS Released, a conversion of Creatures 1 for DS, for those missing the truth and beauty of the original game.






8th September 2004

Version 2 of Olympia released. Probably not the last version though, there's a few things I want to add at some point.

olympia.gif (41845 bytes)


1st September 2004

Created Universal Remover 2 cob, a fixed version of the original.


30th September 2004

Created family tree images of my norns and added them to their own pages with stories outlined.


28th August 2004

Converted C2 Alba & Golden Desert norns, then created Pedigree norns.

alba.jpg (8379 bytes)desert.jpg (9140 bytes)

Also created the Ickle Treehouse from altered C2 sprites.






July 2003

Finished my early profusion of cobbling.


25th June 2003

Added generations fifty to seventy eight to the Mine section.


15th May 2003

Began work on Olympia, my new room cob. The biggest project I have done so far.


9th May 2003

Darkling Cave and Hunny Carrots created then added to site.

carrot_cav.gif (7067 bytes)   carrot_hun.gif (8534 bytes)


9th May 2003

Created my very first *good* cob, Muddy Swamp Carrots.

carrot_mud.gif (12210 bytes)


23rd April 2003

Created the Ghostly Norns and a page for them.

ghostly2.gif (40216 bytes)


23rd April 2003

According to an email I recently (7th Nov 2009) found, at this time my site had:

"over a hundred pages of accurate information, over two hundred quality pictures and over 15 meg of downloads! Not boasts, just facts."

At this time, my site was still a sub-website of the website my other half at the time.


25th March  2003

Began to convert my norn family tree into pictures and add them to my website.
(up to generation forty nine)


20th January 2003

Created my very first cobs, the rooted plants.


15th January 2003

Created Munchkin norns and a page for them.

munch.jpg (3789 bytes)






14th May 2002

Around this time I began to play around with COBbling.


26th February 2002

Created the CAOS language pages. What a farce that was, satisfying for the most part, though I wish a knew a few more things.


21st February 2002

Created Transgendered & Orkan norns

transgen.gif (5899 bytes)   BreedE.jpg (6552 bytes)


20th February 2002

Fruition of the Immortal Project and Hungry Dead project


18th February 2002

Second version of YinYang norns finished.

yinny.gif (3024 bytes)yanga.gif (3773 bytes)


14th June 2002

Added C2 and C3 pages for highlights, later removed to make mine a specialist site.
Created the main Genetics & Linguistics pages.


21st February 2002

Started playing again after a year long hiatus. Generation 52 of my norns was born.






15th July  2001

First version of YinYang norns finished.



12th June 2001

Added a contact page, this later fell into disuse and so was removed.


27th March 2001

Docking Station released, a great addition to the C3 world.

capillata.gif (17496 bytes)


28th January 2001

Earliest evidence I can find for any Creatures content on my website.






Nothing found for this year at all, probably did not play as I was at university getting drunk and doing dumb, but fun, student things.

beer.jpg (49237 bytes)

28th December 2000

Arborium, a new world for Creatures released.

Arborium Map

22nd July 2000

Darwinia, a new world for Creatures released.

Darwinia Map

7th January 2000

The Museum of Albian Natural History and Science, a new world for Creatures released.

Museum Map





1st November 1999

Creatures 3 released, I probably attained it for my birthday (October 13th) or Christmas I don't remember which.

cu_c3_logo.gif (41154 bytes)

I remember being especially impressed with the social interactions the new norns were capable of,
and played a lot for a few months, but eventually I recognised the superiority of the original  ;-)


11th August 1999

Stopped playing to make time for University preparation.


23rd June 1999 , a website hub, launched by Ping.

Another hub called HomeCreatures, was launched this year staffed by
Lis Morris, Helen, fuzzie, Dan, Julianne, LummoxJR and Jcarrcwalk.


6th March 1999

Mooki, my favourite daughter of immortal Dawn born.

mooki.gif (12027 bytes)


3rd January 1999

Earliest evidence I can find for any sort of website of mine existing,
before I added Creatures content.

This was somewhere near the beginning of my website's founding,
back then it was in a subfolder of my other half's site.






12th December 1998

The Golden Shee Awards:

Frimilin's Kiwi Creatures wins gold

Ping's Creatures Life & Ali's Albia2000 both win silver

LummoxJR of The Norn Underground won bronze


21st October 1998

Eco Disk a new world for Creatures released.

Eco Disk Map

6th October 1998

Haven a new world for Creatures released.

Haven Map

2nd September 1998

Terra Nornica, the first new world for Creatures released.

Terra Nornica Map

27th August 1998

Creatures 2, the anti-Creatures was released.

cu_c2_logo.gif (33536 bytes)

Many, including myself flock to toy with its poorly constructed scripts and idiotic norns hidden under mesmerising graphics.
To be fair to the game, these problems were later fixed by patches and cobs.


29th April 1998

The website Tortured Creatures is launched by AntiNorn, to much controversy.


15th March 1998

Started playing again, but played sporadically, I didn't even play over the Christmas period! I obviously didn't inhale back then.


28th February 1998

The Secret Adventure Mode is discovered by David Wood.


17th February 1998

Albia2000, a website hub, was launched by Ali.


15th January 1998

I finally took a break!
For two months, my hands, neck and eyes probably thanked me.






28th  December 1997

The Bacchus mutation was reported to A.G.C.

25th  December 1997

Grendel World, probably the first edited Albia, was released.
It allows grendels to also breed in your world


17th  December 1997

The Genetics Kit was released, originally for sale.
At some point in this month the second Xmas Pack for Creatures was released.

16th  December 1997

The Santa norn genome was created, trimmed of breeding genes.

santa97.jpg (3167 bytes)


30th November 1997

My notorious, very populous, generation 9.


21st October 1997

Genomes of Foxy and Vixy the Ron Norns were created.

Ron norns

19th October 1997

Genomes of Sid and Nancy the Forest Norns were created.

Forest norns

10th October 1997

Just before my birthday I geekout over my own copy of Creatures. My mate Sarah aka SazStar bought one around the same time.
I then played it virtually every day for the next six weeks.

egg.jpg (2622 bytes)

In this month Object Pack 2 was released.


1st September 1997

The term "feral run" was coined.


August 1997

Object Pack 1 released, along with the Observation and Preview Kits.

observe.jpg (1937 bytes)


2nd July 1997

Genomes of Sandy and Aaron the Purple Mountain Norns were created.
They were the first full new breed for Creatures.

PMN norns


May 1997

The term "wolfling run" was coined.


March 1997 founded






23rd December 1996

Strippy, my first ever norn was born. Later that day Blotchy was hatched to keep her company and they had a single son, Glob.

strippy.jpg (1909 bytes)

Psychiatrists will note the ancient beginnings of my obsession.
I was forced to stop playing sometime after Christmas, when my sister took her computer back with her to university.
I backed up my norns onto a floppy disk and their descendants still breed in my worlds today.


18th  December 1996

The first Norn 6-Pack was released, containing Buffy, Dion, Jarvis, Melvin, Sharla, and Teesha.
Most of them were hatchery norns, and thus few mutations, all were well raised though.

At some point in this month the first Xmas Pack for Creatures was released, it was quite good.
It included the first version of the Object Injector.

injector.jpg (2515 bytes)


11th November 1996

Creatures was released for general sale.

cu_c1_logo.jpg (29985 bytes)

Also my elder sister's birthday, so this was probably when she acquired her copy.


18th March 1996

Cain, the first natural norn born in captivity hatched on this day at 10:50 AM.
His parents are Ron II and Eve


1st January 1996

Ron II is born.







Throughout the year, those destined to be Nornoholics or Creatures players,
toyed with such games as Full Throttle, Abuse & Discworld some still played Doom 2, SimAnt and even Lemmings.
But something wasn't quite right, all were expectantly awaiting something to change their lives forever ;-)



6th February 1995

Ron, the first norn created in captivity on this day.






20th November 1994

Cyberlife was set up.

cyberlife.png (4141 bytes)








A strange time, I was born, before that my sisters, parents, grandparents, the Queen, Henry VIII, Muhammad, Jesus, Cher, Noah, Methuselah, all the way back to Adam. Supposedly.

At some point we evolved from some other ape, then at one point we we were tarsiers, before that tree shrews - whatever they are.

At some point we came out of the sea, and before this we were some sort of primordial self-organised chemical gloop.

Before this the gods switched on a computer and loaded their favourite game...