This page describes the mythological inspiration of the game


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In Nordic myth Norns are the three deities of fate. They were thought to give assistance at birth, and sometimes it was thought that each person has their own personal Norn. 
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Beowulf slayed the monster Grendel  (who was descended from the biblical Cain) and its horrible mother and later become king of the Geats (southern Sweden peoples) in C6th AD, he was eventually slain by a dragon.

(The Beowulf gene encourages norns to attack grendels)

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Adam and Eve were the first people, according to judo-Christian myth, and their first son was Cain.

(Ron and Eve were the first norns, Cain was their first child)

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Sidhe (pronounced 'shee') is the Gaelic name for the fairies in both Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland.

(Shee are the powerful beings that made the norns, grendels and ettins)

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Ettins are greedy, brutish two-headed giants
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Albia is an ancient name for the island of Great Britain.