This page describes the mythological inspiration of the game


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In Nordic myth Norns are the three jotun deities of fate. They were thought to give assistance at birth, and sometimes it was thought that each person has their own personal Norn guiding their fate.

They lived by the world tree Yggdrasil, which bound all the worlds together, and they fed and watered it.

A great serpent lived by the tree's roots, and an eagle, squirrel and four deer inhabited it also.

(Norns are the main species in Creatures, Yggdrasil is the name of the big tree east of the temple by the small sea)
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slayed the monster Grendel  (who was descended from the biblical Cain) and its horrible mother and later become king of the Geats (southern Sweden peoples) in ~500 AD, he was eventually slain by a dragon.

"Grendel" might derive from a term meaning "storm"

(The Beowulf gene encourages norns to attack grendels, Geat is an alternative name for the Shee species slot)

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Adam and Eve were the first people, according to Judeo-Christian myth

Their first son was Cain, who later became the first murderer.

(Ron and Eve were the first norns, Cain was their first child)

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Sidhe (pronounced 'shee') is the Gaelic name for the fairies in both Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland.

They were considered ancestors, nature spirits or deities. They fled into the Otherworld when mortal humans drove them away.

(Shee are the powerful beings that made the norns, grendels and ettins)

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Ettins are greedy, brutish two-headed giants.
In fact the name "ettin" is related to the words "jötunn" and "giant", they represent primordial shapeshifting forces .

(Ettins are the third species in the game, after Norns and Grendels)
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or Albion is an ancient, probably brittonic name for the island of Great Britain.

It comes from albio meaning land or world.
This might come from albo "white" in reference to the chalky cliffs of Dover where the Romans landed; or alb meaning  hill".

(The game was originally created by a mostly british team, the world is called Albia)