Feral & Wolfling Runs


Wolfling Norns

Abandoned, minimum preparation of world and later interference.
This technique is tougher on your norns than a feral run, often leaving no results, but when it works it produces tough norns.

Wolflings are lost or abandoned children raised by wolves, the term originated in India.


Feral Norns

Original norns trained, many cobs installed, abandon like wolflings with only minor interference.
This technique tends to produce better results but less tough norns.

The term comes from when domesticated animal, such as cats,
which revert to semi-wildness when left to their own devices, especially for several generations.



Ten Recommended cobs

Food: Carrot Variety Pack, Underground Mushrooms and Island Food.

Room joiners: Passageways 1 & 2 & The Roofgarden v3

Better mover: Teleporters.

Teaching cob: Encomputer Nornica v2

Extra hazards: Cave FliesMacro Gregoid and Wasps


Ten Recommended Genetic Breeds

Feliz, YinYang v2, Survivor, Dalai Lama, HippyPolite, ChoiceMommy & Daddy, Desert, Perfecio


Ten Recommended Sprite Breeds

Banana, Fox, Brunette, Blond v2, PMN, Forest, Transgender, Snow, Wood, Cheri

 Banana and Fox come with the game, PMN and Forest are from Cyberlife


Other things to try include:

  • Using another world
  • Adding genetic or sprite breeds
  • Genetic engineering
  • More cobs!
  • Leaving the computer on overnight
    (with peripherals turned off to save energy)
  • Running multiple worlds at once using BORG
  • Adding or using other species

    Some of my Feral and Wolfling Runs:

    Note that I often keep my world running in the background when I'm home, or when I'm out for a short time, so many of my own norns come from feral/wolfling runs.
    That said, I've run quite a few runs on several computers over the years in separate populations.



     Nualbian Run

    Starting On this day I ran a wolfling run for three days, in my world Zeruko back when I still called it by it's codename Nualbia.

    I used Choices, Desert, Dracula, Grelloran, Hippy, Plant, Starlite and Survivor norn breeds.

    When: 23rd November 2016

    Started 6pm 23rd November 2016

    Dracula child at 14m
    Guliver child at 9m
    Luna and Dibs go up lift to Swamp Forest, Luna goes back down, Dibs goes back down 10 mins later
    2 ettins & grendels die of unknown reasons, possibly wasp stings
    Guliver adult at 19m
    Dibs child at 22m
    All norns children by age 28m
    Luna and Grella go to plateau
    Teleported Dracula and Groot to plateau
    Luna adult by 1h8m
    Luna & Grella go to Meadow Forest
    Removed loose wasps using Wasp remover
    Dracula adult by 1h
    Dracula & Guliver mating
    Grella, Delambri, Groot & Dibs adult by 1h24m
    Groot is sick from eating Laburnam
    Dibs is only norn with health below 60%, she is at 25%, took her to basement and encouraged her to eat mushroom then put her back where she was.
    Dibs kisspopped by Groot
    Delambri is pregnant by Guliver (7JBO)
    Dibs is pregnant by Groot (3UVA)
    Camel still child at 1:51
    First new norn! 4566 Gulbri (7JBO), born at 100% at 19:43
    Second norn born 5515 Diboot (3UVA) at 47% 19h54m
    Diboot child at 12m (early like his father)
    encouraged Diboot and Dibs to eat two food items
    Grella & Luna both sick with Antigen 2)
    Delambri pregnant by Guliver again
    Luna died of Antigen 2, leaving no issue
    Quarantined the Ettins to the Island where no norns are currently
    Camel grew up by 2h36m
    Grella is pregnant by Dracula
    Delver hatched 5466 85% at 20:33 (7SBD)
    Guliver & Dracula kisspopping
    Diboot adult at 50m
    Greula (grendel) born 49% at 20:43 (6SFW)
    Grella died suddenly, reason unknown
    Delver a child by 20m
    Gullam born of Guliver and Delambri 21:48 69% (0RFP)
    Delive born from Guliver and Delambri (9PBB) 5444 at 21:57
    Drari born from Gulbri and Dracula (1KIT) 2116 at 22:20, first norn of third generation
    Gulbula born from Gulbri and Dracula (1SEQ) 4166

    Finished for the day at 11:00pm (5 hours)


    Restarted next day at 10:10am

    Deluli, fifth child of Guliver & Delambri born 8REC 10:20
    Handula 4CLO born of Greulla & a Macro Grendel (2JHM) born at 10:46
    Lamdel    9MZY born of Gullam & Gullam 11:21
    Brillam 7LTH born
    Diber 0FIL born
    Camari    7WLH born 11:46
    Bridel    2LXC born 11:52
    Brulla    1KYF born 11:59
    Camrar    0FNH born 12:18 of Drari and Camel
    Elia adult at 44m
    Dibs dies at 7h21m at 12:17
    Dibrill    1MJV born 12:22
    Ullade    9ZWF born 12:22
    24 related creatures in the world at 12:37
    Ulbide    4GDC born 13:04 of Gulbula and Bridel
    Give    7OWZ born 13:10 of Delive and Gullam
    Livam    9VWG born 13:21 of Delive and Gullam. Incubated, his egg must have been disturbed by a norn
    Camber    1PXW born 13:27 of Camel and Diber
    Lamri    0YVX born 13:28 of Gulbri and Gullam
    Uliam    8GLS born 13:43 of Deluli and Gullam
    Guliver died of old age at 8h59m 13:54
    Ridam    2FDM born 14:02 of Bridel and Lamdel
    River    1RQJ born 14:06 of Drari and Delver
    lost half an hour of game due to crash
    Ulbier    7PGC born 15:52 of Diber and Ulbide
    Raver    8KSJ born 15:56 of Drari and Delver
    Iveam    9HPA born 15:57 of Delive and Gullam
    Diam    2WRA born 16:11 of Dibrill and Livam
    Lari    0DJG born 16:11 of Camari and Livam
    Dram    5HQO born 16:23 Drari and Brillam

    four eggs and several pregnant norns drives me to pause the game at 16:35, (6 and a half hours)


    Began again at 17:08

    Verde    2NSI 17:09 Deluli & River
    Berul    2BRH 17:18 Diber & Ulbier
    Briar    2GYO 17:22 Drari & Brillam
    Elia    3OXZ 17:23 Delive & Uliam
    Limar    3LIL 17:35 Camari & Livam
    Bam    6FST 17:39 Iveam & Ulbide
    Arill    7DTG 17:40 Dibrill & Lari
    Dibrill died 17:50 cause unknown, still adult, posdsibly starvation due to pregnancy
    Riddel    1JHC 17:54 Ridam & Lamdel
    Bilb    5DMV 18:26 Gulbri & Ulbide
    World at saturation! 48 norns
    21:27 Delambri died of old age

    21:36 stopped (4 and a half hours)

    16 hours total run

    Albian Run

    Feral run starting with YinYang, Mommy & Daddy and Essex norns.

    The survivors were integrated into my main population at generations 168 to 170

    When: March 2016



    Norgrenorndel Test Run

    Norgrenorndel feral run, for playtesting this genetic breed.

    When: August 2011



    Hungry Ghost Run

    The Hungry Ghost Project feral run, which used Dracula, Ghostly norns and Undead norns.

    When: October 2009

    >> Download <<



    Shevington Moor Run

    Feral run on my Dad's computer, that I ran whilst visiting for an extended time.

    When: January 2006

    >> Download <<



    Naomi Run 2

    Feral run on my friend Naomi's computer when I had an extended visit, back when I lived in Milton Keynes

    When: 2004?



     Naomi Run 1

    Feral run on my friend Naomi's computer when I was introducing her to the game.
    It included Willow who staggers like she is drunk, even when sober, her daughter Tipsy inherited the condition.
    Willow proved to me that mutations occurred even in first generation hatchery eggs.

    When: February 2002



    Monika Hubner Runs

    This is a couple of wolfling runs I saved from an archive of Monika's Creatures.
    I have not yet done any detailed genetic analysis, but I did check their parentage so I could provide these two trees.


    When: Downloads:
    October & November 1998Pack 1
    Pack 2
    Pack 3
    Pack 4
    February 2001Pack 5
    Pack 6
    Pack 7