Special thanks go to Xan, whose list formed the basis of this one, to Nimue of Creatures of Avalon,
and to Eem Foo's amazing archive for hosting many of the breeds below

Breeds in blue come with C3, DS or one of their official add-ons.

Breeds in dark red have not yet been released.

Bruin Norn

Jungle Grendel

Desert Ettin

Butterfly Norn
Amanora & Kathira
Bengal Norn

Banshee Grendel

Micro Ettin by Trix

Bengal Wingies by Alien

Beowulf Norn
Drauga Drottin

(C2) Ivy Norns
Civet Norn

(C2) Boney Grendel by Lis Morris

Plague Ettins
by Snapdragon

Temple Norn by Lisa
Chi Chi Norn

Chi Chi Long-haired Female

Akatora Norn by Trix
(reference to the Ginja series)

Atavist Ettins

Dale Norns by Josh
(first for C3)

Black Blob Geats by Arnout

Bry Norns by Erling

Bubble Norns by Mairenn

Radiation Norns by Geekgirl
Magma Norn

Micro Grendel Trix

(CV) Cave Norns by Norngirl?

Porcelain Norns by Erling

Kunterbunt Norns by Alien
(German for Potpourri)

(C2) Golden Desert Norns

Eskimo Norns by Mummy
Bondi Norns

Vampyre Grendel

Guppy Ettin by Trix

Fire Norns by Trafgana

Zivil Norns by MarlisO

Dream Norns by Amanora
Gecko Norn by Wafuru

Mountain Norn by Arnout

Pyrite Grendels
Shazza & Elf

Glow-in-the-Dark Etttins by Trix

Ancient Magma Norns v2.1
by Erling & Grendel Man

Gaia by Lisa Morris
(Genetic Ark Interface Apparatus)
Treehugger Norn

(C1toDS) Grendel

Neko Ettin by Norngirl
(Japanese for cat)

Mercury Norn by BioStorm

Gaius v2 by Ghosthande

Halloween Norns by Jewels

Happy Norns by MarlisO?
Zebra Norn

Yeren Grendels (Ostrova)
(Chinese wildman) Linux version

Basilisk Norns by Dragoler

(C2) Emerald Norns

Ghostly Norns by Spykkie


Flora Norns by Amanora

(C2) Indian Norns by MarlisO
Toxic Norn

Mask Grendel by Jewels

Mask Ettin by Jewels

Snow Fox Norns by Erling

Jungle Norns by Tomtschek
Fallow Norn

Blood Grendel by Torrent Silverpelt

Vidya Norn by Erling
(Sanskrit for clarity)

Aqua Norns

(C1toDS) Banana Norn

Nenya Norn by Mairenn
Siamese Norn

Lilac Bengal Norn by Wafuru

Dusky Grendels by Elf

Lemming Ettins by Bionorn & Geekgirl

Undine Norns by Spykkie

(C1toDS) Pixie Norn


Curiosa Norns
Astro Norn

Mask Bengal Norns by Jewels

Zwergbunt Grendels by Tokarion & Kathira
(German for dwarf colourful)

(C2) Desert Norn by Charles & Donitking

(C1toDS) Horse Norns
Hardman Norn

Mask Bruin Norns by Jewels

Slitherer Grendel by Grendel Man

by Snapdragon

(C1toDS) Purple Mountain Norns
Harlequin Norns

Mask Civet Norns
by Jewels

Luminous Grendels by Grendel Man

Easter Bunny Norns by Trix

Snow Bengals by Chichi
(Bengal des Neiges)

(C1toDS) Forest Norn
Bloom Norns v1 by Arnout

Bloom Norns Remastered

City Norns by mip

Nac-Mac Bibble Norns by Layla

Pearlescent Grendels by THEdragon

(C2) Plant Norn

Pink Poodle Ettins

(C1toDS) Ron Norn

Painted Chichi Norns by ?
Wood Norn v1, v2, remastered by Arnout

Pumuckle Norns by Rhanee

Uninterestring Norns by Snapdragon

Centaur Norn by Spykkie

Wildkat Norns by Ghosthande

Protector Norn v1, v2  by MarcusK

Tilynn Norns
by Jelisa_J & Lone-Wanderer

Macro Sprite Norns by Trix

Civet Wingies by Alien

Raccoon Norns by Sent & Knux

(CV) Primrose Norns by Guflor

Nimbus Norns by Arnout

Chi Chi Wingies by Alien

Reindeer Norns by Trix

Shadow Norns by Marcus K

Panda Norns by Arnout

Rain Ettin by Trix

Cheese Ettin by Poopster

Ombra Norns by ?
(Italian for shadow)

(C1toDS) Santa Norn

Primavera Norns by Mairenn
(Italian for Spring)

Suliban Norn by Norn-Master
(Star Trek reference)
Laguna Norns by Arnout

Pearl Mermaid Norns v2 by Spykkie

Shag-a-delic Norns by BioNorn & Wafuru

Shee by Marcus K

Sea Ettins by Elf

Sahara Norns by Alien
Alien Norn by Alien

Beastaurs v2 by Spykkie

(C2) Bulbous Grendel by Pharoah

Fimbul Norns by Marcus K

Turquoise and Pink Ettins
(TPSE) by Norngirl

Nano (Bruin) Norn by Marcus K

Tortoise Norns by Biostorm
(in french: Tortues, in american: turtle)

Transgenered Norns
(gender swapped Chi Chi) by ylukylun
Bald Norns by THEdragon

(C2) Pixie Norn by Charles & Donutking

Blackberry Norns by Marcus K

Dragonfly Demon Ettin

Spot Norns by Bonnieshee, Orfeo & Blue_eyed_alley_catz

Estrella Norns by Mairenn
Trident Norns by BioNorn

Yautja Norns by Ghosthande

Moonlight Norn by Marcus K

Magma Wingies by Red Dragon

Lollipop Norns by Mairenn

Carna Norns by PapuBuntu

Indio Norns by Mummy & Alien

Dark Pixie Norn by Shinjibuki

Deep Norn by Ghosthande

Maraquan Grendel by Trix
(Neopets reference)

Winged Ettins by Trix

Dól Norns by Erling
(Down or Lean?)

Gargoyle Norns by Alien

Christmas Norns MarlisO
(CV) Multi Malay Norn by Jewels

Sabertooth Norns by Ghosthande

Ghost Norns by Pharoah

(C2) Tiger Grendels v2 by Snapdragon


Dustdevil Grendels by Ghosthande

Glacier Ettins
Aqua Bruin Norns

Ettin Aliens by tarnedangel

Nenya Norn by Mairenn
(reslotted by Verm & Lacota)

(C2) Sphinx Norns by Snapdragon

Dappled Velvet Norn by Annex
Apple Norns by Moe & Grendel Man

Pleasantville Norns by Rhanee

Dlaaks by Erling & Marcus Kurzbach

(CV) Giraffe Norns
by DemendChild, erling & Norngirl

Aardvark Norns by BioStorm

Yellowstone Wingies by Alien

Yellowstone Norns by Mummy

Dodgy Norns by C2BMike & Lacota
Fairyfloss Norns by Flame

Unseen Norns by Merlin

(CV) Pink Alba Norns by Jewels

(C2) Pig Grendel by Norngirl

Crimson Norns by Lord Zasz

Chameleon Ettins by Norngirl

Shiny Bengal Norns by Luzze

Draconian Norns by Bug & Pagan-Gerbil

Zoran Norns by Spykkie

Breeds I'm still looking for:   Christmas Norns, Happy Norns, Yeren Grendels

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