These cobs are all to do with improving, removing or adding rooms to Albia.
Many include movers, to provide access to the rooms, some also come with a food source and other items.

Note that these cobs alter the dimensions of existing rooms in the world, any creatures or objects will not recognise this at first.
For creatures, either export then reimport them all, use the Norn Lifter cob, a lift/mover or a cheat to move them.
Basically use anything that moves from the room then back again.

My rooms can be found here: Heavenly Rooms and My Rooms

Other people have also made rooms, on this page
are also some smaller shelving rooms on another page

More in-depth information on rooms can be found on this page

Room Number KeyRoom Decription Key
Room numbers in green are brand new roomsYellow is for new stand alone cobs
Room numbers in red are removersRooms described in green are compilations of earlier works
Room numbers in white are edits of prior existing roomsOrange describes old cobs that are either replaced by later versions or absorbed into compilations
Blue are unfinished, probably faulty rooms or features