Cob Packs Guide

(Updated 2nd February 2022)

I was trying to make new compilation cobs and was confounded by how complex it had become.
Many of my cobs are based on earlier cobs and have been split or combined with others.
The following diagrams are a simplified attempt at trying to understand this.


I'm sharing them as I think it will help you to understand what cobs you might want, especially if you want to avoid duplication or clashes.


Note that elements removed from the next level are linked by red arrows


The Carrot Variety Pack is one of my earliest compilation cobs
There is a lot more going on in terms of carrots in terms of vendors, and I had to ake some educated guesses with the diagram.



The Atlantean Revolution is one of my first compilation room cobs.



Enc Kenny v5 is by far my favourite teaching cob, and owes much to Encyclopedia Nornica



The Butterfly Pack was fun to make, first I created Heliotrope butterflies that uses C2 sprites
in a simlar way to how Scarlet Buttflies does.
Subter Grubs was one of my earliest cobs, and my first animal cob.




This looks like a right mess, but basically I only really recommend Icons and The Learning Room nowadays.



The Undercanopy is probably my favourite combo cob, I love trees and jungles.

 I'm pretty proud of The Roofgarden it adds both space and food plants.

The Heavens will be a tad more complex than this diagram shows, including angelic residents too.


This is the reason I started down this debacle, I planned to create Yggdrasil, and did not want to miss out on my latest code.
The Music Room, Passageways v2 and Island Food are still very useful..

Update: the cob is far too big and will be split into two:
The Treehouse v2 for the top of the tree and Yggdrasil, for the lower tree and underground.