Thanks go to NornenMeister for creating and hosting so many of these breeds.

Breeds in blue come with C2 or one of it's oifficial add-ons.

Breeds in dark red have not yet been released.

Banana Norn

Bulbous Grendel

Worker Ettins

Vulcana Norns by NornenMeister

Angel Norns v2 Lis Morris, Ricardo 2000 & Nimue
White-haired Norn

C1 Grendel by RudeDog

Bilba Norn
Butterfly Norns
Mor Eshel & Don the Ambershee
Horse Norn

Boney Grendel by Lis Morris

c1 in c2 Ettins by Norngirl

Elf / Rainbow Pixie Ettins by Ettinboy

Christmas Norns v3 by Zauberfee

Cow Norns by Bio Storm

Fluffy Norn
Alien & Tica
Santa Norn

Micro Grendel by Trix

Animal Norn by TrinityK

Gecko Ettin v2

Shee by Lis Morris and Ettin Boy

Devil Norns v2 by Warbreed & Alien

(C3) Dale Norns by
Purple Mountain Norn

Eryx Grendels by Studz

Calypso Norns by NornenMeister
(no female)
Solar Ettins by Ettin Boy

Spike Norns by Kari & Alien

Fuzzy Norns
Bio Storm
Forest Norn

Dusky Grendels
Elf, Bio Storm

Glettins by Norngirl & Grendelgirl

Opera Ettin by NornenMeister & Alien

Camelot Norns by Nimue

Fantasia Norns by Mummy

(C3) Tiger Norns by Bio Storm

Forest Norn (unreleased) by Don the Ambershee
Ron Norn

Draconian Grendel by Norngirl

Gremlin norn by Michaela

Red Tail Norn by NornenMeister

Winged Golden Desert by Tafgana

Cupid Heart Ettins

Snowfairy Norns by Nimue

Goat Norns by Angela Allan

God Norns by Stefan
Gunda (unreleased) by Don the Ambershee
Hebe / Desert Norn
by Colin Swinbourne


Winged Desert Norn

Hulk Grendel
Christian Herwitz & Carolyn Horn

Hippi Norn by TrinityK

Hive-Mind Ettin
Cuff Droppin, Christian Herwitz
& Carolyn Horn

Kimahri Norns by Kari, Amanora & Kathira
(C3) Okapi Norns coverted by NornenMeister

Desert Norns From Hell by Lazlo

Sunny Norns by Nimue
Narguls (unreleased) by Don the Ambershee
Malay / Emerald Norn

Winged Emerald Norn

Ice Shadow Tiger Norn
Frechmaus & Cheeky

(C3) Furry Ettins by Bio Storm

Ivy Norns by Rhanee
Blueberry Norns by Nimue

Emerald Norns From Hell by Lazlo
Alba / Pixie Norn

Winged Pixie Norn

Jungle Norn by Tomtschek

Dragonfly Norn by Syl

Absolute Ettins by Bio Storm

Dewa Norns v2 by Amanora

Pixie Norns From Hell by Lazlo

Easter Norns by NSG & Alien
Golden Desert Norns
(from Life Kit 1)

Seaweed Grendel by Trix

Bahama norns by Quetzal

Confetti Norns
by Zauberfee

Kai Norn
Liz Morris
Frog Norn (from Life Kit 2)
Version 2 by NornenMeister

Ladybird Norn

Leopard Ettin by Grendel Perspective

Purple Flame Norns by Sera
Higgledy Piggledy Norns by Nimue

Winged Pachyderm Norns by Bio Storm
Day Norn (unreleased) by Don the Ambershee
Wafuru & Lis Morris

Mickey Norns
by Silence

Starelf Norns
by Lisa

Shee Norn
Marcus K (C3), NornenMeister

Paradise Norn by Mummy

Mercury Norns Bio Storm
Mimikry Norn by Sabine

Franken Norn by PMN Breeder

Micro Santa Norn by Lazlo & Trix

White Dynamite Grendels by NornenMeister

Gargoyle Norns by Alien

Winged Worker Ettins
by NornenMeister

Color Norns by David Pine

Valentine Norns by Stef
Mystic Norn (unreleased) by Don the Ambershee
Albian Gray norn by Lazlo

Devil Norns by Nornophite

Mice Norns by Matthew Holmes

Plasma Grendels by NornenMeister

Findaho Norns by Maeyna

Cloud Norns by Luzze

Zodiac Norns v2

 Shiny Norns v2 by Nimue

Albian Gray Norn from Hell
From Hell by Lazlo
Bird Norns

Winged Bulbous Grendels by NornenMeister

Pig Grendel by Norngirl

Plant Norns by Marcus K

Melange Norns by Maeyna

Pyjama Norns by Pupsy
(no female)
Alien Ettins by Ettin Boy

El Dorado Norns by Quetzal

Pegasus norn
Angela Allen
(C1) Complete Santa by Greg Poehlein

Cat Norn by Mman

Pumuckl Norns by Rhanee

Ice Norns by Norngirl
< completely invisible >

Phantom Norns by Mitzgiwir

Gryme Grendels by Norngirl

Blizzard Norns by Tafgana

Radioactive Norns by MadDoc

Turquoise & Pink Ettins v2 by Norngirl

Fire Norns by David Pine

Glory Norns by Lioba

Giraffe Norns by Tafgana

(CV) Primrose Norns by Bio Storm
Borg Norns (original)
by Johannes Dams

Draco Norns by ShadowText & Alien

Rainbow Norns by NornenMeister
(no female)
Wheel Norn by Gotchiman

Dancing Monkey Norns
by Bio Storm

Maned Spotted Aardvark by Norngirl

Daffodil Pixie Norns

Plague Ettins
Snapdrafgon (c3), NornenMeister

Duck Norn by Tafgana & Rhanee

(C1) Amphibious Dragon Norns by Kathira & Trix

Season Norns by Tafgana

(CV) Pippin Norns by Bio Storm

Red Kanga Norn (unreleased)
Don the Ambershee
Scorpio Norns
Wafuru & Mannkind

Indian Norns
MarlisO (C3), NornenMeister
Spore Grendels by Bio Storm

Glow Norns by Mor & Alien
Halloween Norns by Nimue

Spotted Lizard Ettins by Amethyst

Snail Ettins by Dement

Smurf Norns v1.4 by MadDoc

SkeleNorns by FeralChicken

Dog Norns by Studz

Shoe Norns by Amethyst

Spring Morn by Mor
Monsoon & Vishnu Norns by Moira

Tiki Norns by SparkleBlue

Tiger Grendels
Snapdragon (c3), NornenMeister

Flora Norns v2 by Amanora

Trans Ettin by Ettin Boy

Porky Norn by NoirnenMeister

Bavaria Norn by Mummy

(CV) Malay Norn by Bio Storm
Albian Bat Norn by Norngirl

Maned Peacock Norns by Spirit
Norcon Norns by Celeste & Ettin Boy

Wood Norn by Frimlin

Sweetheart Grendels

Uriel Norns by Nimue

Pallid Ettins by Mockery

Dragonfly Demon Ettin by Trix

Cat Norns by Alien

Uni Norns
Wafuru & Lis Morris
Denali Norns by Lazlo

Candy Cane Norns by Tafgana

Thorny Grendels by Mockery

Space Norns by Kari

Morrigan's Lake Norns
by Nimue

Kanga Norns by Studz & Canada Norn

Paon Norns by Lioba
Borg Norns v8.3 by Matthew Holmes

Confused Norns by LadyMarava

GIL by AnaPaiva

Siberian Wolf Norns
by Lioba & Simonia

Werewolf Norn
by Pupsy & Johann Dams

Midsummer Norn
Nimue, Kathira & Amanora

Chameleon Ettins by Norngirl

Wolfling Norns by Sabine

Turtle Norns by Bio Storm

Winged Norns (unreleased)
Don the AmberShee
Sphinx Norns by Snapdragon

Blarp Norns by Larry
Igua norns by Ali (Montu)
Cheap Norns by Tom

C3 to C2 Grendels by Studz

Strawberry Norns by Luzze

Hokuspokus Norns by NornenMeister

Micro Ettin by Trix

Furry Essex by Rhanee

(CV) Alba by Bio Storm

Foxi Norns by NornenMeister

Wizard Norns by Shadow & Pupsy
(male lost)
Bamboo Norn (unreleased) by Don the Ambershee
Spotted Norns by Simonia

Croya by David Pine

Red Orchid Norns by Lisa / Neogecko

Pegasus Ettins
by Angela Allan

Pegasus Ettins by Angela Allan

Aardvark Norn by Bio Storm

DigiPoint Norns by Pupsy

Stella Norn by Mummy
Mood Norn (unreleased) by Don the Ambershee
Lyca Norn by Bio Storm

Peace Norn by Norn Girl

Tie Dye Norn by Charlie

Killi Norns by Rhanee

Aesir Ettins by Angel

Peace Ettins by Norngirl

Neo Norns by Chisba (Charlie)

Ruby Norns by David Pine

Visitor from Sol 3 by Joseph Wilson

Zebra Norns v2 by Mummy
Amber Norn (unreleased) by Don the Ambershee

Breeds I'm still looking for:

28 Norns: Albian Grey, Amphibious Dragon, Bilba, Blueberry, Candy Cane, Cheap, Colour, Croya, Dancing Monkey, Duck, Franken, God, Halloween,  Killi, Mercury, Mickey, Neo, Peace, Phantom, Ruby, Season, Siberian Wolf, Sunny, Tie Dye, Turtle, Uriel, Wizard, Wood

3 Grendels: Dusky, Gryme, Spore

3 Ettins: c1 in c2, Furry, Peace

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