Cob Thinking Space

Below is a list of various ideas for things in various stages of development.
ask me before poaching my ideas, thank you

One of my plans is to add the conker tree (horse chestnut) from C2 to C1.
I'm probably going to call it Aesculus, after the latin name for it

This blue carrot is for growing in the Heavens

These images are taken from The Bonsai Vendor by Spotling,
I plan to reuse them stripped of their pots, as shrubs of some sort.

One of my old projects is re-creating the Model 57 Chevy cob for C1 from it's C2 version.

A learning computer that is modelled on a Commodore 64,
the first computer I remember my family having as a kid

An egg retrieval switch, based on sprites from Commander Keen 6

Tomato pack: Has rooted versions of Training, Cherry Tomato and Ugly Cherry Tomato plants.
Moves existing Tomato and Ugly Tomato plants to this new patch between bridge and temple.

Microwave that turns regular carrots into tastier steamed carrots
Food processor that turns carrots/lemons/pears into fruit juice cartons
A Still-o-matic machine that can turn honey into alcoholic mead

Unholey Cheese Making Engine (UCME)

Hatchery Egg Maker (10 breed slots, 4 species, 2 sexes)
Affixed herb-box

Reinvent holly and mistletoe

Edible self-seeding Beelacanth

Rattle - annoys adults, but fun for little babies

Update the Bong - add smoke clouds that also make creatures happy ;-)

Device for transferring norn Foetus's to a surrogate



Winged rabbit messenger thing for Olympia
Fog, radiant, and pearly gates in Olympia
Shangri-la (Cloud 7) in temple below Olympia
Panacea Pills cure poisons and toxins
Ichor infusion to bring immortality to norns

Grouping Ideas


Cloud 9
Dragon Lifts
Teaching Angel
Colourful roses
Cloud Carrots




Potato plant you can harvest potatoes from without uprooting it.  (2)
If uneaten, the potatoes will sprout into new plants, but luckily they grow slowly

Cabbages that are quite tough and can bounce - but not as bouncy as balls  (3)

Pumpkin plants produce a small number of slowly-ripening fruit that can get quite large  (1)
(their final size randomly decided) They can be dropped and break into manageable pieces

Peas, which grow on lemon-like vines  (3)

Onions, not the tastiest of veg, but good for you (contain some antibodies) (sprites based upon previous cob by Dr Smile)  (3)

Radish (sprites based upon previous cob)  (3)

More Lemons, carrots (with controller, updated sprites)  (3)

carrots (already there! but updated with extended patch)  (1)

Beanstalks, grow tall and produce many beans, then re-sow themselves  (3)

Frutel Plants, like sweeter & healthier tomatoes, come in several varieties:  (3)
red, spotted, iced, cherry, orange

Veggie Bug - a pest that swarms around and eats your crop.  (3)
Impossible to remove as they lay tiny eggs that are impossible to find

Lassie Bug - eats Veggie bugs, but is easily killed by your norns,  (3)
and are prone to wander away from their food supply. Luckily they can breed when well fed