Patches &



The original game was not perfect, here are various patches and updates made for the game over the years,
both official ones and third party ones.

*** backup any files before replacing them, in case you change your mind ***


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Creatures Community EditionUpdates the GOG or Steam version of the game, adds some QOL features.It can update C2 tooLisDude
GOG Remastered Patch v1.04Updates the GOG version of Creatures to allow some third party programs to runDon the Ambershee
egg.jpg (2622 bytes)1.02 Update Corrects some bugs in the Creatures programming. Cyberlife
1.04 Update Updates from version 1.02 or 1.03
Creatures NT InstallThis allows Creatures to be run on an Windows NT operating system.
Hatchery UpdateIf you are still using a floppy "egg disk" to access the Hatchery, then this update will make that unneccesary.
Script Updates
Submarine SWS Update CobFixes problem of submarine sinking by replacing the Submarine with a brand new one. The image to the left is 50% of full size.Cyberlife
Population24 Norns
This amazing cob allows you to have up to 24 norns in your world.
It updates the incubator and mating scripts, so that both still function until there are 24 norns in the world.
It also allows ettins, shee and grendels to breed.
The remover reverts the limit to 12 norns.
Sandra Linkletter (Slink)
Black hole FixerFixes glitches in the game's ocean rooms that otherwise allow objects to drop out of existence.
Better Bees and BeehivesSwitches the push and pull effects on the hives, also reclassifies bees as "pests".Alex
(Norns of the Round Table)
Makes the still invisible, useful if you have a version that is unactivatable.
Jukebox & Pianola UpdateUpdates these music makers, it was originally part of the Caveflies cob.
 Reclassified RadioChanges the classification of the radio from toy to music.
Reclassified BigtoysChanges the classification of the robot, jack-in-the-box, and flibberdigibbit from bigtoy to toy, also removes the fear from the jack-in-the-box and the pain from the flibberdigibbit.
Updated CavefliesReclassifies the flies as "pest".
Updated CoconutsRemoves pain from playing with full coconuts and fixes other bugs.
  Updated HerbsProbably my favourite update cob by Alex, it makes inedible eaten herbs invisible and allows you to click herbs to break off an edible piece!
Updated LemonsRemoves pain from eating them and fixes the flying lemons. Jessica's version is prettier.
Updated Shee Seed LauncherReclassifies the launcher as a toy, and fixes various other features of the seewds and the beelacanths.
 Lift Elevator FixAdds a script to periodically empty lifts of any creatures in them.Moogie
Fixed PuddingMade more friendly to your creatures to eatMalkin
Fixed Turkey
Infinite ScrollSets your world to always load with infinite scroll turned on, so you can travel the whole world by scrolling, without using cheats.Bedalton
Makes the cart under the great sea invisible to creatures to reduce the chance of them riding until they perish.GimmeCat
Carrots, Carrot Variant and Cheese
Major updates for these foodstuffs. Gone are pesky inedible carrot seedlings, gone are painful to eat lemons and other fixes and improvements to the scripts and graphics besides. The lemons gain new flowers and growth sprites!
Highly reccomended!
Other cobs making use of the carrot/cheese/lemon scripts might not work as before, so be careful.
Object Sprites
Projector & Radio UpdateChanges the photos in the projector, reduces the flicker and makes the radio so it can sit on the ground if made movable.Muppetboy
Catnip Ball
Sprite Update
An update to the sprites for Catnip Ball cob by Slink

GraffitiChanges the appearance of the Cable Car, the Projector's projections and the Computer, also changes it's screen saver.

*backup files before replacing*

Mari JP
& Janne Söderberg

screen_saver.gif (983 bytes)Computer Screen SaverA replacement for the computer sprite so it has a cute little screen saver. Back up comp.spr in case you wish to change it back.?
radio.gif (1619 bytes) Auvi Sprite Update The images relating to the radio are altered so it sits on the floor properly if it is made movable.


Dragon Fly Sprite Update A conversion of the C3 Dragon Fly for Slink's dragonfly. If you downloaded the Dragonfly cob from this website, it already has the updated sprites.
Recoloured ButterfliesUpdated palette and image fixes for the Cloud Butterflies recoloured blue.Jessica
Human HandReplaces the yellow cursor sprites with sprites for a realistic looking human hand. Make sure you back up the original file first, so you can revert back to the original if you wish.


btb2.gif (1375 bytes)Pets Sprite UpdateA cleaned version of the sprite file to fix the "block" attached to the Bed Time Bear, as shown in the pictures to the left.
The Fountain of Youth
Alternative Sprites
This is alternative sprites for
the Fountain of Youth cob by Bibble.
Creatures Sprites & Body Data

PMN MakeupAllows you to edit the female sprites to remove their mkeup, also you can add it to the males!
Comes in versions for all 3 games.
w_buffin.gif (11220 bytes) Fox Neck Patch A fixed version of the .att file that otherwise caused the female for norns head to appear skewiff, as in the picture to the left. Lis Morris
PMN FixFixes the forward facing sprites of the male PMN by making the inside of their ears pink and their eyes blue.Norngirl
Updated Grendels Fixed Body Data and Sprites for grendels.Jessica
 Baby norn Updated Baby Male Norns Fixed Body Data and Sprites for all baby boys
Easter Eggs SpritesEaster Egg SpritesThese are replacement egg sprites.

Make sure you back up the eggs.spr before you install any of these.

You can only use one set at a time
Candy Shell Egg SpritesCandy Shell
Egg Sprites
Jelly Bean Egg SpritesJelly Bean
Egg Sprites
Egg Sprites
Graphical Stuff
Grayscale AlbiaChanges your Albia to be in grayscale,
*backup the original file before replacing it!*
David Chess
 Applet Images UpdateUpdates some of the images used by applets. Make sure you backup files before replacing them!derk5482
Photoshop Development FilesPalette and swatch for Photoshop.Jessica & Romy
setup.gif (2010 bytes)Sprite Thumbnail ViewerUpdates Windows so that it reads SPR S16 and C16 files and can create thumbnails for them. The version to the left is for Windows 2000, XP, Vista & 7. Here is a version for Windows 98 & ME.Laurence Parry

Image by Erin
KisspopNew kisspop sound for your creatures, from the windows game Rats! by Sean O'Connor.
Mating SoundsAn earlier replacement fro the mating soundsInsane Dragon
SoundsNew SoundsAlternative sounds for your creatures.
Make sure you backup any file before replacing it!
I added an English translation to the readme.
Tobias Pfaff
reg.gif (2325 bytes) Registry Pack To add or remove 1.02 and 1.04 cheat modes use the correct one for the version of the game you have installed.
Does not work with The Albian Years or GOG version of Creatures.
Albian Creatures C1/C2 FontA font based on that used in C1 and C2.Karithina & Jessica