C1 to DS

 Also known as C12DS or the C1 Metaworld,
this is a lovingly crafted recreation of the original game within the third game's engine.
It includes the contents of the Life Kit, Santa and PMN norns.

It was released at the end of CCSF2005

I highly recommend it, especially as the Docking Station version of C3 is free to download and play!

BTW the "norns" in this room are technically geats, but that does not exactly matter in C3/DS as they can cross breed with any regular norns.

See the C3 breedlist for details



Some of the downloads below are included as they fit the C1 theme of C12DS very well,
even if they were not specifically intended for it.





2001PMN Foot FixA sprite fix for the feet of the PMN norns, as it is an old file it may not be needed, but I put it here for posterity.
2005C1 to DSThe main download, needs Docking Station or C3 to work
Includes C1 Life Kit, all original breeds, Dodgy Norns and Eem-Foo the norn beta tester.

The norns use Gizmo genetics by Darcie
Apollo, Data, Helen, Fizzstickle, Skywalker, MNB, C2BMike, Clucky & Don
Patch 1 Run this patch first?
Gizmo GenomesReplaces the genomes for the C1roDS breeds with Gizmo
2007Xmas PackChristmas themed agents, based on Christmas '96
Wildkat NornsGhosthande
C1 Teleporter AgentsPresumably for extra or updated teleporters, not tested yet.?
Dodgy AgentsAgents for adding Dodgy norns, or agents for them. Untested.?
2008CFE Banana NornsCreatures Full of Edits genome version of Banasna Norns originally released for the CCSF 2008.Demon222
2010Yggdrasil Apples 
Puts apples in the grendel tree, based on my cob and Darcie's sprites

Grendel FixFixes the Body Data for grendels?
2013Snow Foxes v1Erling
C1 to DS MusicAn MP3 of the original C1 music?
C1 to DS
Linux & Mac
A version of the metaroom for Linux and Mac?
ChiChi GrendelsGrendels using a ChiChi genome
Lacota & Skywalker
2015Garden Box Kitchen SetUpdates the kitchen and adds food and new sprites.

& Mea
Albian AutumnAdds seasonal changes to leaf colours and falling leaves
CFFCreatures Full of Fixes genome versions of the C1toDS norn breeds, based upon the CFF genomes.
2017PS1 NornsA genetic breed of norns that look like the PS1 and Raised in Space game norns
2018Patch 2Run this patch second.
It includes a Incubator Bypass which allows creatures to walk between the incubator and the music room, possibly inspired by my old Passageway cob.
Startup music Disabler Replace the file with that given in the zip,
there is a backup included for if you change your mind
2019ReindeerA conversion of C1's Christmas Pack reindeer
Originally released for The Garden Box
TWB & TCBNew genomes for the C1toDS creatures:
True Warm-Blooded norns &
True Cold-Blooded grendels.
2020C1 Egg SpritesMakes creature eggs look like the original C1 ones.

2021FloatiesJellyfish that save creatures from drowning
Layla and Verm
Creatures 0 PackAdds prototype "boid" norns, "dragon" grendels and agents using sprites harvested from Creatures 0

2022Norn Egg Sprites

Grendel Egg Sprites
Egg Agents
C1 egg sprites in the style of C3 ones
plus agents for the eggs

Banana Norns
Pixie Norns
Horse Norns
Classic Grendels
C1 breeds in the style of C3 ones
(they are technically ettins)



Terra Nornia to DS

For the 2006 CCSF, CLohse converted the world Terra Nornia that was originally made by Slink & Lis Morris
to be a terrarium in DS, known as The Burrows.
>>> TN to DS <<<

They also released a Toy Pack which includes conversions of toys that were mostly by