Strange Norns

Here follows a selection of common and unique norns for you to enjoy.




Irregularities Caused by Glitches Present in
Sprites & Body Data

The Contorting Limb Swappers

This condition only occurs in Banana norn limbs, these norns have the ability to swap their arms and legs around, but only during childhood. (top left)
In females this happens when they bend to pick up something from the floor, in males it occurs when they flinch from pain.

This problem is present in all Banana norns from the hatchery:  mum1, mum6, dad1 & dad4 This phenomenon is probably due to mistakes in the ATT/SPR files as it is definitely not genetic.

Ewan was another norn that contorted for me, probably for similar reasons. (bottom left)

This is fixed by Jessica's Updated Norns.


This condition is similar to the Limb Swappers, occurring when adults attempt to activate something behind them. Xuniq (a Brain Rot experimental norn) demonstrates this whilst trying to activate the lift. I am unsure as yet whether this is limited to just PMN norns.

Skewiff-necked Norns

There's something wrong with Buffin's neck, but she's not far from being the only one. She's suffering from fluffineckskewitis, which can be cured by downloading Lis Moris's patch

A Knotty Problem

 Another oddbal, I'm not sure exacly what has knotted her up, probably another body data error.



The Radiation-Interference Norns!

Ever notice your Norns turning into a mixed jumble of moving stripes? It's a rare sprite glitch, but, it happens on occasion. When your norn ages, the sprites are updated to larger versions. But sometimes this occurs just after a crash. Although the norn is now younger when you restore the world, it only has the larger sprites to access. The result is a scratchy interference-like mess. Don't worry as this will fix itself when the norn ages again, whether naturally or if you force it using a cheat.

Below is a norn called Dubby. bred by Shoy, who has this problem:



Irregularities Caused by Cross Breeding
of different Pedigrees

Exploded Norns!

Norns with this situation have exploded-looking bodies that become less obvious as they age, invisible in adults. Larry, generation nine was the first norn I bred which had this.

This condition is due to adult genes determining limb position being used throughout the norn's life. These genes came from the original (1996) Santa norn.

Kangaroo Norns

These unfortunate hybrid norns have immense overgrown legs from birth. Fortunately they grow into them. These two specimens are Cybbi and Rob I found on the net..

This effect due to Santa 96 or 97 norn sprites from the legs which only have adult sized sprites.


This norn is a cross between a regular nornand a Golden Santa from 1997

Tiny Legged Norns

Norns with this have tiny shrunken purple mountain norn legs, this characteristic only expresses itself in senility. Gus, generation seven is the first norn I bred which had this condition.

This condition is due to PM sprites that cause PMN norns to shrink in size when they are old.

This could also happen when mixing Ron or Forest norns with the original three as they also do this.


Ghost Arms

Arch has beem the victim of spectral arms!

A result of having fluffy norn arms, and me installing my Ghostly Norn breed.



Limbless Norns

I'm not sure of the story behind these pictures I found on a website, but supposedly they
represent some sort of congenital defect. Possibly due to .spr or .att malfunction.

Update: In the lower of the two pictures, I have noticed what I first ignored as a spot on the egg, it is in fact a hand!

Only Fairy Norns have such hands, and they also have no legs, which explains what we are seeing here.


24th December 2006: The Oddbods

Seven more reasons why unmodified Santa 1996 norns should not be crossbred to breed.

Download them if you wish to view their uniqueness close-up, but remember to use the oringal Santa '96 sprites

Big Beard Fatty DwarfishRex
Pinhead Scrunch Orangutan

This effect only occurs when you use the official version of Santa.
If you use the Santa Project's complete breed, this will not happen, and they will look more usual.


Headless Norns

I'm not sure what happened
to these norns to make them lose
their heads, possibly an invisible sprite

or missing poses?

Update: I checked my records and all three have Forest heads
(or are supposed to) and are relatesd to each other.
They also have normal poses & gaits
(Niala's son)
Nort with NeoNort
(Niala's second cousin)
Nort sleeping


Floating Hand

This norn has flung it's arm out to activate the computer!

He seems to have a grendel arm, so perhaps he has a mix of sprite or poses that work oddly together.




Yuell, Born in a Well

Rather than being laid in an egg like most other norns, Yuell appeared magically in the well and the egg appeared on the Albian Seam!

yuell_in_well.jpg (26090 bytes)



Bottom-Heavy Norns!

Some norns, when born or imported, quickly sink to the bottom of Albia, they can be seen walking along the bottom of the screen, some are cured merely by exporting/reimporting them. Others are destined to a subterranean life. The norn below is called Eunice, I found her on the internet. When imported seems to have trouble walking. If picked up and dropped (by right-clicking, using the appropriate cheat) she drops to the bottom of the world as shown in the picture below.


Sleigh, the Bizarre Floating Norn


So named because of his high flying tricks. When he was shown to be born in the norn menu, I naturally clicked on the "egg" button expecting to be taken to where the egg was about to be hatched.

Instead I was taken on a diagonal flight around the world eventually coming to a place where a norn was floating in the air! (right)

I forget exactly what happened next, I eventually exported him and when he was re-imported, he had lost his flying abilities and grew up normally.

This is not the first time this phenomenon has been reported - Fly was another known flying norn (left).
Yet another floating norn, it must be catching!


This norn's mother laid an egg whilst in a moving lift, which may shed some light on
floating norns. Perhaps they all start out as eggs laid in movers?



This norn somehow managed to fall into the pond.
Her owner must have been a little careless. Not that this is supposed to be possible!


The grenorn to the right has ridden the playpen into the ocean, let's hope it has enough air!



It's a miracle!

Sinking is one thing, wandering on the surface is quite another:

Koit (dawnite) to the right, and below





Twin Norns

Though many people snort with contempt at the mere mention of twins. Whether it is a game glitch, a rare intended occurrence or a result of mutation, some norns do in fact produce two eggs after a single pregnancy. As soon as I have proof I will put it here. There is a possibility that if one of the eggs hatches into a banana norn then somehow it has accessed the "TEST" genetics file.


These pictures are of Janie and her twin children as eggs, and the infants themselves.
Note how one of the children is a pure banana norn - possibly a TEST genome norn. 

Another source of "twins" is if the game crashes after before laying and/or hatching so that the same norn will be hatched twice. But due to sprite interference, both will turn "scratchy".

Update: Whilst developing my Caesarian Section 2 cob, I accidentally tried it upon a norn that was actively laying. This cob removes the baby from a pregnant norn as a live norn. The result was that my cob created an ordinary daughter, but the norn also continued its scripts to lay an egg. When this second egg matured and hatched it's genome was the TEST.GEN file.
Proving my twin theory.



The Cloning Of Ken 

   A wolfling run left only Ken and Joani. So I exported Ken and restored the world, this contained Joani, Jonnie, Ipoe and Jo who was secretly pregnant with Ken. I imported the mature Ken. So when the baby clone-Ken was born, both norns became “scratchy”.
When I force-aged the original Ken, he looked normal again but the clone-Ken was a giant male baby – weirder still as the baby was in fact female!


Import Cloning!

Ever seen this message?

Your norn has probably just been cloned! This has happened to me umpteen times, and happens only to particular files or perhaps to particular norns. When importing them the error message above pops up, then the norn is seemingly imported as usual. If you go back to the import menu, THE FILE IS STILL THERE! The norn has been accidentally copied. Don't worry, there should be nothing wrong with the imported norn, the .exp file was probably slightly corrupt and should be deleted.



2nd October 2009: The Case of Ceth and Ceth

ceth+cethar.jpg (12242 bytes)

Take a look at these norns, identical aren't they?
Well in the confusion surrounding a few crashes these were born, and both were assumed to be the same norn, and ended up with the same name.
Four hours later I realise that there is a discrepancy, at first I was confused, is one a clone of some sort, or are they *gasp* twins?

I did some checking and realised there was quite a bit of an age gap and they have different genetic monikers.
Despite having the same parents and being identical they are regular old brothers!
So I renamed the younger brother Cethar, to avoid future confusion.


Unseen - the magical disappearing Norn
I was using the Darwin cheat and holding Tiara, when she was giving birth. When Unseen was born she vanished into the bubble of her vision. Despite this I could register her birth and I took screen grab of her appearing in her own dreams.
She then awoke and wandered behind the scenes at the bottom of Albia looking at anything she wanted!
As I could not export her, I reloaded the world to let her be born normally.


Acid Lime Norns: Children of the Grendel Mother

14th June, mildly hung over, received an e-mail from Sarah, of which below is a sample:

"The main thing I want to tell you about is about what hatched out of the grendel nest last night!!!!
The norns I am trying to send (I hope they work) hatched right out of an egg layed by the grendel mother!!!!!!!:0
The male is the original, the female is a clone of him.
I'm calling them Acid Lime Norns but they probably aren't very special :( Still I like em!!!!!!"

Since receiving them I discovered they are second generation norns, hexed to be extreme green in pigment.
Since I have no reason to believe she would deceive me, I assume that she installed some sort of strange cob, or the Grendel basic genome was somehow overwritten.
Perhaps the Grendel Mother has been sleeping around? Maybe she is planning on taking over Albia with her pod spawn...