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4th December 2020

Today I have been gathering more cobs for Arcadia.


3rd June 2020

Still working on Arcadia.


1st June 2020

I've been working hard on a new Albia called Arcadia, based on the
ancient greek paradise, with a statues and lots of nature.


22rd May 2020

I'm taking a break from editing and uploading my main tree of norns, and all their pictures.
So I took a break from editing a volume of text that almost DOUBLES the page count of my website
to upload just shy of TWO THOUSAND files, lol.


20th May 2020

I'm still editing / reading and uploading stories, along with a few poems and suchlike.


16th May 2020

I finally got around to uploading all the stories I collected recently, mostly from archives 



15th May 2020

Today I updated the Santa page, adding some images
and norns.



14th May 2020

I added two new pages to the Macintosh download section

100 new norns were added to the new Mac Norns Page

76 new cobs were added to the new Mac Cobs Page



11th May 2020

I found a great review of my site by Kezune



8th May 2020

I added a bunch more pictures to the site, especially the Immortals page


27th April 2020

Created the Formosa norns, containing all of the LifeKit, Santa 97 and PMN genes.



25th April 2020

Added Pow Wow, Star Trek and Fairy norns to the mac section. I also found some cobs to add.



20th April 2020

Updated all the links, added a couple of dozen images. I also started collecting old awards to preserve them



17th April 2020

I added some useful Icons to the links page and split it in two




16th April 2020

Some decorations were added to my norn breed pages.

I spent AGES crafting this logo from the original script, I'm pretty happy with it.



30th March 2020

Mostly I've been adding images, although I did find time to update the rooms pages.






1st July 2019

Added some official Artwork to a new page.







22nd June 2018

Finally finished the Creatures + Update, a compilation of updates for creatures.



15th June 2018

Added a few cobs, a couple of utilities, some pictures and an Artwork Page.
Currently it only has Cyberlife's promotional material.
Tom norn

I also recreated the Tom norns using mum4.gen and gave her
a horse norn head, PMN limbs and banana body. She also has light colouring.
In a later version I'll add silver hair to all life stages.



14th June 2018

I created some Bacchus norns as I had none and knew exactly what the mutation is.
The new norns are named for Spanish words for beauty:
Guapo - handsome
Gentil - comely
Hermoso - beautiful
I packaged them with cobs to make more Bacchus norns and test for Bacchus genes.


13th June 2018

After spending days working on cobs that are STILL faulty, I took a break to create the Purple Forest Ron Santas,
or PFRS norns. They have all the genes added by the Purple Mountain, Forest, Ron and Santa 1997 breeds.
Their appearance is a random mix of these breeds, I added a cob to make extra eggs of the same kind.

They should work well with Santra the Female Golden Santa.

I also added a few documents and many images to the Norn, Information and Downloads sections.



5th June 2018

I finally finished converting the Aardvark norns from Creatures 2 into the Anteaters, a new shee breed  for Creatures!



3rd June 2018

Today I made the School Time cobs, for sending creatures to the basement where Encyclopedia Nornica is installed.

I'm also in the process of breeding Daybreak norns with Wacko norns.
So far there is one lame norn, and one stillbirth caused by what I'm referring to as the Reverse-Highlander mutation,
and what might be a genetic form of ME.



2nd June 2018

I found, tested and added a few more programs to the Utilities page,
and a batch of Sounds to the Patches page.
I updated the Passageways cobs, making version 2.



1st June 2018

I created and added a food web to the Flora and Fauna page.



31st May 2018

I fixed the Training Plant cob by Markham Caroll

Training Plant

I also fixed the Undertaker cob.



30th May 2018

Today I made a new food plant the Jungle Banana Plant.
Its bananas are a bit of an aphrodisiac.

Vickey by the Banana Plant

I also added icons for cobs without images.
hider   mover   remover   renamer




29th May 2018

I created an adoption page for downloading non-norn creatures.
So far it's mostly grendels, but there are some immortal ettins.
Grendel, Ettin & Shee
I also added a few immortal, mutant and gm norns to their respective pages.
Finally, I added many norn six packs to this page.

27th May 2018

I finally got around to adding a Macintosh page to the downloads section.
It has four utilities, two breeds, 13 norns and six cobs so far.
Mac apple
26th May 2018

Today, as a break from adding stuff to my site, I've been working on a new cob,
The Tribble Trouble cob. This screenshot says it all:
Not long after this screenshot, Creatures crashed because it couldn't add more objects, but they wouldn't...stop...breeding.
There's still a few bugs to iron out, but version 1 is out now..

25th May 2018

Searched the Cob Vault to see what cobs are still missing.
Happily I discovered there is only 32 cobs at large, not 83 as the page said!
I also added a new image for it.
Cob Vault
Updated the page accordingly, and fixed a few mistakes.
Then I found a folder called "Missing from Cob Vault" and now I'm missing only 13!
I also added a few norns to the GM section.

4th until 23rd May 2018

I undertook the arduous task of checking the grammar, spelling and punctuation, and fixing the apparently many broken links.
These broken links hark back to when I renamed all my .htm files from "creatures" with affixed numbers and letters to more usefully descriptive ones.

It was well worth the effort to make this site readable and functional!

I also updated the Links page again and spent a long time finding archives for the down sites.




All year

Little creatures-related activity on my part.




23rd November 2016

Starting On this day I ran a wolfling run for three Zeruko.
I used Choices, Desert, Dracula, Grelloran, Hippy, Plant, Starlite and Survivor norn breeds.

13th November 2016

I added several fungi food objects and began work on the raft. (for Zeruko)

12th November 2016

I altered and installed many toys, music and food cobs to Zeruko.
I also started work on movers, creating a Basket Lift and an edited version of Eric Leif's Teleporters.
Finally I created a version of Spore Ettins and Macro Gregoid for Zeruko and installed them.

10th November 2016

I added and adjusted rooms to my new world Zeruko.

7th November 2016

Today I declared the backdrop for Zeruko completed, or at least complete enough to start using it.

3rd November 2016

Worked on Zeruko, downloading images to incorporate into the backdrop and layering them in Open Office Draw.

30th October 2016

Discovered the One Stop Sprite Workshop, and added it to my downloads section.

29th October 2016

Found some new pictures of Shee and Ettins to add to their respective information pages.

25th October 2016

Updated the Links page, lots of fun trawling through Creatures pages old and new.
I found more banners for some sites.
I also created a separate section for pages for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival to keep them together.

22nd October 2016

Came back to my website, spell-checked and updated links on 58 pages.
Boring work, but it sorely needed doing.

3rd January 2016

I worked on the Cob Vault.


2013 to 2015



I didn't keep this page up to date, so I'm not sure what I worked on!






25th August 2012

Added some cobs to the Cob Vault.

24th August 2012

Updated a few pages.







25th August 2011

Added some cobs to the Cob Vault.

24th August 2011

Created the Norgrenorndel breed and The Music Room cob.


22nd August 2011

Converted the Micro Ettins by EttinTrix as Minim Ettins:

minim.jpg (12706 bytes)

20th August 2011

Added some more banner images to the Links page, and created them from screenshots of the page if there weren't any.
Added quotes and a couple of images to the What is Creatures? page.
Also removed a page relating to non C1 grendels, as t has no place on my C1 only website.


19th August 2011

Renamed the vast majority of the webpage file names. Makes for easier surfing and makes it easier for me to edit.
More interestingly I created images of four family trees I have previously created for my own purposes, and placed them on the relevant pages as well as the links below:

1) The Hungry Ghost Project
2) The Dawnites
3) Cardinal Mountain Norns
4) The Rage Gene


9th August 2011

Added Leopard Gecko Ettins and TPSE to the Spore Ettins cob.
Made new version of Macro Gregoid, by fixing an error, and making it work automatically.

With Spore Ettin and Macro Gregoid, Albia will always have plenty of Ettins and Grendels.

Also updated Map Locator to show pregnant creatures with a slightly different symbol.
...then added edible plant cobs to The Roofgarden to easily provide food to that part of Albia.
...finally created The House Refurb, a compilation of cobs affecting the house.

Busy day! I guess having aches from digging sand all day at a Sandcastle Competition gives you plenty of free time.


July 2011

Created a lite version of Geatville on Weebly.
>link here<


12th January 2011

The Denali Ettins by Lazlo becomes my fourth ettin breed to be converted this year.

denali.gif (9769 bytes)


10th January 2011

The Turquoise and Pink Striped Ettins by Norngirl became the third ettin breed I converted this year

tpse.jpg (4410 bytes)


9th January 2011

Converted the Hivemind Ettins using sprites by Christian Werwitz.

hive_ettin.jpg (2226 bytes)


3rd January 2011

Converted Silvak's Leopard Gecko Ettins.

lep_gecko.jpg (4482 bytes)


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