The Easter Bunny norn was originally released as a partner for the second Santa, the Christmas Norn.

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She takes up female slot 7 and is based on the Fox norn

Bun Bun uses her sprites and has a quick life cycle.



Below is a selection of specifically Easter cobs, as well as those that fit the theme well.


Picture Cob Creator DescriptionYear

Chocolate BunnySandra J.G. LinkletterSnack1997
Bunny BuntingSpiritAnimal1998
Rabbit DollDr§mileToy

Easter BasketSpotling
This basket vends
delicious easter eggs
Chocolate EggsGreg K. PoehleinSnacks

Easter Eggs
see picture belowAll EggsAlexander Laemmleinstalls all norn hatchery eggs


TulipSteve DismukesPlant1999

Easter PlantIcepenguinPlant2007

Happy Pink FlowerJessiPlant2012

Jessica made easter egg sprites to replace those your creatures normally lay

>> download here <<
* backup sprite before replacing *