Creatures was released in 1996 so

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 I have decided to break with a tradition I began a LONG time ago, and host some things for the other games in the series...
...that's right for the 25th anniversary for the FIRST game I'm hosting breeds and cobs for the other two games!
(I bet ya didn't see that one coming)

< New compilation breed list
The Cob Vault >
<  C2 breed list
A selection of cobs for C2 >
< C3 / DS breed list
The C1to DS Project >

Wonder what else was going on in 1996? Check out these old webpages.
Some of the Community of people who made this game so wonderful over the years.
Medical Book for various data
on the Creature's digital anatomy
This page is for my clan of immortals I call the Daybreak norns.
This is the Mac page, for those using that version of the game.
This section is a library of Creatures fanfic old and ... well older still!
This new page is a comparison of meatspace species to Cyberlife's ones.
Last but far from least is the my norn population pages, for your perusal. Contains stories and musings on the generations and specific individuals.
This section is an treasure trove of the oldest Creatures websites extant and archived.
My Main Sequence has persisted since the dawn of Creatures, and has lived on various computers, almost 200 generations and over a thousand core individuals
 This is my new Creatures and life themed blog, to be frank I do not have a good history of keeping up with them, but here goes!
Below is a new section about yours truly:


Well done for finding this text, but that's all for this year!