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The Daybreak norns are a breed of immortals that cropped up on my mate SazStar's computer.

Dawn was the first one, hence the name, here follows in depth information regarding her nearest relations and descendants.

Those that carry her immortal gene are marked thusly:

Which is based on the symbol for Libra, representing the sun rising over the land.

Sometimes I refer to them as Dawnites because of their close kinship with Dawn.

Dawn also carried a mutated gene that caused pain when crowded.
Luckily she only passed this gene to Ingel, Jon and John, none of whom passed it on.

There is also a little information regarding the mechanism of the mutation and some history.

Other Immortal norns are dealt with on the main Immortals Page




Genome Gene Description
1D 00 00 03 01 3B 01 00 03 3A 01 03 40
1 glycogen > 3 glucose + 1 hunger
This shows the unmutated gene to compare with below mutated gene. As you can see, one glycogen is broken down into 3 glucose and 1 hunger. 
1D 00 00 03 01 3B 01 10 03 3A 01 03 40
1 glycogen + unallocated > 3 glucose + 1 hunger
G-Locked Daybreak mutation, first occurring in Dawn



Meet the Family

Please note that several of these norns came from other computers,
so generations given are just to normalise them to my Main Sequence.


Generation Name Relationship
to Dawn
Mother Father Mortality Group Other Info
Mother ? ? M SazStar
Lived around the time of generation 14
She came from Sazstar's computer

-self- Vickey ? The first ever Daybreak Norn
She also has the "ouch!" gene, a mutation I thought I had lost.

 This gene makes her receive pain when crowded, thus she keeps to herself and eats well.

Child Dawn ?
Aged prematurely, died after a few minutes
The reason for his aging is because he digests the "ageing" chemical instead of starch.

Named after his brother, aged normally.
to Dawn
MotherFatherMortalityGroupOther Info

Child Dawn Nigel
1st Family
on my
Mooki is my favourite Dawnite, and I've used her to beta test many of my cobs and worlds.

Though as she's immortal I don't generally let her mingle with fertile male norns!

Update: Atono was born a hundred generations later! LOL
53 Bobby Grandchild Mooki Tommy  
Sam Jason M He rejoined the Main Sequence at Gen 60
to Dawn
MotherFatherMortalityGroupOther Info
52 Ichor Child Dawn Holl 2nd Family
on my

53 Jenni Grandchild Ingel Ichor  
to Dawn
MotherFatherMortalityGroupOther Info
Wolf Kitty

Child &
DawnBobbyBred by Creaturecomfort  
to Dawn
MotherFatherMortalityGroupOther Info
54 Kollie Child Dawn Jonathon M 3rd Family
on my
Kollie bred into the main population
56 Mule Lupee M  
Oepa Child &
Nans M Nans was a grandson of Kollie, via his mother Moomin
to Dawn
MotherFatherMortalityGroupOther Info
63 Timmy Child Dawn Sidney 4th Family
on my
Sidney was a son of Sam and Roxette
to Dawn
MotherFatherMortalityGroupOther Info
124 Christo Child Dawn Bernie 5th Family
on my
125 Dorli Grandchild Bootang M Dorli bred into the rest of the population
Dinky Child &
Dawn Christo  
to Dawn
MotherFatherMortalityGroupOther Info

GrandchildMookiAvunti6th Family
Perpetual norn, takes over 7 hours to age beyond child, lived as an adolescent beyond 90 hours.

He gets starch from resting, a Survivor gene.

Infertile, yet his father was very fertile and had eight kids
He has outlived many generations and has lived in my main world alongside his siblings' descendants.
*does not have the daybreak gene*

MShe is a female clone of Atono.

She had three mortal children that joined the Main Sequence




The Family Tree

Below is a family tree of all Dawn's immediate descendants, the Dawnites.
The "First Tribe" is how I refer to her immediate family from her origin world on my mates computer.
The other three "tribes" are descended from my own norn populace.
Any norn outlined in thick yellow is immortal, most were not allowed to breed further.
Those with thin yellow outlines are mortal offspring of immortal Daybreak norns.




Dawn, Mooki and The New Wacko Norns

I decided to cross Dawn and my most favourite of her children, Mooki with the New Wacko norns, and here is the results.
The New Wacko norns were created by Yuri and contain 550 They have over 550 genes from:
Polar, Ron, Forest, PM, Warrior, Survivor, Grizzly, Essex, Immune, Zoo, Equal, and Red Happy Eater genes.
Blacko is a renamed Black Wacko, and Racko is a renamed Red Wacko.

Dawn/Wacko Tree

Rook is one my new favourite norns


He and his fellow clan mates are available for download.
Reuben, Queeny and Rita are available as .gen files, all others are .exp files:

>download here<




Wolf Kitty and the second Immortal Project

I decided to breed Wolf Kitty, a child of Dawn and grandchild of Mooki with a Sweet and a Rowen norn.
His descendants were crossed Talosian, Terra and Highlander norns.
This was part of the Immortal Project 2 detailed here.

This was to see if I could breed a norn like Annie who appears to have both mutations in the same gene.

No double mutations in same gene occurred, but I did find out that some immortal genes cancel each other out.

Olive for example has the Daybreak and Sweet genes and appears mortal, though I'm not sure exactly why.

 >download here<