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About Geatville and her Gardener
I have been playing the game since the very beginning, and I have hosted this website, in it's various forms for 20 years now.
I have received many praises, thanks and friendly advice over the years and I am very grateful for all feedback I've received over the years.

I maintain this website as something of a living museum, preserving things from long dead or inactive websites and sometimes remixing or fixing them as new releases, or using them as inspiration for my own creations.
I am often quite busy with paid work, voluntary work, our allotment, house plants, gardens and my studies, but I often squeeze in time for my favourite ALife and AI simulation.
Everything on this website is offered for free, as is, with no strings attached and no fees, adverts or membership. This is how I wish more of the internet was, so I keep my little corner of it this way.
Anyway, enough yabbering, go and enjoy some of my new creations, or peruse my quarter of a century collection of odds and sods

My (brief) Personal History
This website is more about the simulation Creatures, and less about me, however I feel like 25 years is long enough to dispel a bit of the mystique. I've been careful to separate out my Creatures Community cyberspace life as "Muppetboy" and my meatspace life.
My country of birth is the United Kingdom, in Europe, on the planet known as Earth to it's monkey-descended inhabitants. I was raised amongst various tiny mammals, two older sisters and various birds in a tiny place called Shevington Moor, and we were lucky our mother loved gardens and she and our father chose a house with a large garden in a quiet area with lots of fields and trees.
Here my Dad built an aviary, a kennel and hutches and my mother planted an endless series of beautiful plants.
After studying Biology, Chemistry and Geology at an independent college, I was thrust into the busy metropolis of the county ceremonial city of Lancaster, in north west England. Here I studied Biochemistry, Physiology, the Philosophy of Science, the Philosophy of Minds, amongst other subjects.
Here I discovered the hectic but friendly people living in a small city, learned the joys and perils of drinking, joined the Circus Skills society, the Writer's Guild and the Science Fiction society.
Later I  began work and moved to the multicultural hubbub of Milton Keynes, before resuming my studies at Lancaster.
This time around I focused on the Philosophy of Feminism, Politics, Religious Studies and more on the Philosophy of Science.
I also joined the Role Playing Society and the local Pagan Society.

Later on I adopted a cat, who I named Logan, who introduced me to a neighbour who became the one I wanted to marry. We currently we live in a village near the market town of Lancaster.
Me and my fiancÚ raise chickens, ducks, various house plants, and fruit trees in meatspace and in my spare time I raise norns, ettins, grendels and shee in cyberspace.

I define myself as a double-rainbow, although I love the term NeuroQueer.
In my case I am a queer, genderqueer and autistic person, and usually my friends IRL just call me Kenny
In the Creatures Community I go by Muppetboy, a name I created at University on Unix the bulletin board system I was introduced to.
Nowadays my hair is a mixture of brown, silver, and blue-green, my eyes are green/gray/brown depending on who is looking and I have a passion for nurturing and creating things.
I have a busy life, but I still make time for my favourite life simulator, so I hope you keep enjoying playing as much as I have, and find something new (or old) on these pages.
Happy playing, and stay safe out there!
Kenny, aka Muppetboy of Geatville