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Links to all C1 sprite breeds.

Breeds in blue come with C1 or one of it's oifficial add-ons
Breeds in red have not yet been released or have been lost
Breeds in green are converted from other games in the series

Banana Norn

Banana Wingie by Allekha

Original Grendel

Complete Breedable
by Greg Poehlein, Liz Morris & EttinTrix

Wingie Grendel by Trix

"Rasta" Ettins by Bean
ettin04.jpg (5411 bytes)
"Spiky" Ettins by Gaz

(C2) Ettin Family by Don the Ambershee

Completed Shee
Lis Morris, Ettin boy & Gaz
White-haired Norn

Ghostly Norns by Muppetboy

Fluffy Wingie by Allekha

norgren.gif (10867 bytes)
Norgren by Frimlin

Jazz Family & Update Compatible Version by Trix

Jazz Grendel by Jasp

Pepper Grendels by Don

(C2) Drone Ettin Conversion by Don

"Fluffy" Ettins by Norngirl

(C1) Geat Dragon by Muppetboy

Bain Shee by Martha Brummett
Horse Norn

Brunette Norns by Muppetboy

Horse Wingie by Allekha

Wibble Grendel by Norngirl

Santa Grendel by Bean

(C0) Boid Ettins by Trix
plague.jpg (5770 bytes)
Plague Ettins by Snapdragon

Goldrush Fairy Norns by Rhanee
Santa Norn
tom.jpg (2728 bytes)
Tom Norn by Don the Ambershee (recreation)
Blonde & Blond v2 by Muppetboy
pumukl.jpg (7308 bytes)
Pumpuckl Norns by Rhanee
zebra.jpg (6337 bytes)
Zebra Geordie Norns by Mummy

Giant Grey Grendel by ?

(C2) Micro Grendel by Muppetboy

Frost Grendel by Bedalton

Network Ettins by Slaterbait
denali.gif (9769 bytes)
Denali Ettins by Lazlo
shee4.gif (5183 bytes)
(C3) Shee by Muppetboy
Purple Mountain Norn

(C2) Bulbous Grendel converted by Muppetboy
glettin.jpg (4519 bytes)
Glettins by Norngirl & Grendelgirl

Chameleon Ettins by Norngirl
grays_from_hell.jpg (2108 bytes)
Albian Greys from Hell by Lazlo
Forest Norn
nano.jpg (918 bytes)
(C3) Nano Norns by Muppetboy

Santa Family
& Update Compatible Version by Trix

Santa Grendel by Slaterbait

(C2) Micro Grendel v2 by Muppetboy
lep_gecko.jpg (4482 bytes)
Leopard Gecko Ettins by Silvak

(C2) Anteater by Muppetboy
Ron Norn

Proto Ron Norns by Bedalton

Psychedelic Ron Norns by Spotling

Nottins by Muppetboy
alba.jpg (8379 bytes)
Alba Norns converted by Muppetboy

Transgendered Norns by Muppetboy
eryx.gif (6475 bytes)
Eryx Grendels by Studz
snail.jpg (4510 bytes)
Snail Ettins by Muppetboy
tpse.jpg (4410 bytes)
Turquoise and Pink Striped Ettins (TPSE) by Norngirl

(C1) Geat Ron by Muppetboy
Golden Santa Norn

Easter Bunny Norn by Greg Poehlein

Mat the Norn with a Hat by The Wonderdog

Santra by Norngirl

Munchkin Norns by Muppetboy
Greih by Muppetboy
alba.jpg (8379 bytes)
(C2) Alba Norns converted by Muppetboy

Snow Norns by Amanora, Sephirot & Ali

(C0) Boid Norns by Trix

Macro Grendels by Slaterbait
hive_ettin.jpg (2226 bytes)
Hivemind Ettins by Christian Herwitz
Minim Ettins by EttinTrix

Rainbow Fey by Muppetboy
Dwarf Norns by Markham Carroll

Fairy Norns by Spirit

Franken Norns by Rudedog

Albian Gray Norns by Lazlo

Movie Norns by A-Norn

Wood Norns by Slink

Dragon Norns by Kathira

C2 Ettin Norn by Matio64

Star Trek Norns by Spirit
(C2) Teddy Norns by Spirit

Silver Earthen Norns by Darcie


Cartman Norns by IguanaR

(C0) Dragon Grendels by Trix

(C2) Boney Grendel by Lis Morris

Flame Ettins by Slaterbait

Rainbow Fey by Muppetboy
Pow-wow Norns by Spirit

Grorns by Lis Morris

Ettanorns by Robert Marsh

Jewel Norns by Lisa & Neogecko

Orkan Norns by Muppetboy
tomte_n.jpg (3892 bytes)
Tomte Norns by Icepenguin

Cheri Norns by Nello
desert.jpg (9140 bytes)
Golden Desert Norns converted by Muppetboy

Unnamed breed by Chewbies

Franken Grendels by  Rudedog

Pewter Grendels by Elf
tomte_g.jpg (4615 bytes)
Tomte Grendels by Icepenguin

C3 Ettins converted by Slaterbait

Rainbow Fey by Muppetboy

Breeds I'm still looking for: Tom and Cartman Norns

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