Macintosh Centris 610


As I have a Windows machine, I can not play test these items,
so these downloads are provided as is.

They have been compressed using Stuffit. I use ExtractNow to expand them for PC

iMac G3


Norn downloads Page
downloads Page



Program downloads




AppleObject InjectorEssential for installing new cobsCyberlife
Creator ChangerAllows you to convert windows creatures to mactintosh ones.Christopher Lee Waskowich
AppleEgg-o-maticAllows you to pick the parents of hatchery eggs.Chris Kartheiser
Apple Norn PeekerVersion 1.2.5
A family tree maker for your creatures.
AppleNorn TutorVersion 1.0.2
Teaches all words to your creatures.

Manual downloads


TXT Format

MCW Format





Additionally I found this advice on the Mindscape page:

"To convert PC Norns to MAC Norns:
Take the PC export file and change it's type and creator bytes on the Macintosh to "*.ex" and "fury" respectively."
C1 to DS for Macintish or Linux
 This is a metaroom for DS or C3 that looks just like C1, with the original breeds.