Grendel Family


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These downloads are genetic breeds of non-norns.
Also there are some mutations and general genetically modified creatures.


Summer & WinterErzan GrendelsGrendel ManThese grendels are warm blooded, capable of maintaining body temperature. They also have fight or flight genes and are less prone to anger than regular grendels.
Lobster & Shrimp Crabeater GrendelsCrabeaters are better at digesting food and resiting pain, making them perfect for life on the island eating crabs and coconuts.
Fish & Marine Aqua Grendels Aqua Grendels are resistant to coldness, although they can still get cold. In addition, they also have a slightly better immune system, and live longer then regular grendels.
.gen files Many Coloured Grendels Slink These guys have the enhanced eating and sleeping habits,and the flight or fight behavior of Life Kit norns .
Grenna, Grens and two unnamed ones Six pack
Michael Fahey Grendel 1 and 2 are quite aggressive. Grenna is a friendly female.
They are all infertile.
Grens is a norn, not sure why but he's supposed to be a grendel!
NitemareDark GrendelsSlaterbait

These grendels feature in the Mechan Saga
She fears norns, but will attack if touched
Grink & GrunkDrinking GrendelsBreedable, enjoy drinking, a lot.
-unnamed-Mountain GrendelsVicious grendels.
Snarg & SnideSwamp GrendelsThey come with a warning:
"may cause pain and suffering"
FiggleTree GrendelsA typical grendel
Banjo, Blackness, Burple, Dupu, Fibble, Fonzo, Geble, Green, Hippie, Jottle, Klepto, Nightshade, Pottze, Rarg, Sunspot, Unstuck & WeirdoGrendel PackSlaterbait's brotherA whole host of breedable grendels.

Probably contain numerous mutations, but I have not yet checked,
Formatc Formatc ? This guy is a typical grendel, so he is infertile and grumpy. He is well trained and healthy.
-unnamed- gren1 ? I suspect this grendel is an artificially created hybrid between a grendel and a norn. I think this because he has some fertility genes that grendels usually lack, but not others.
Pansy Pansy ? She appears to be a fertile Boney grendel with some Life Kit genes.
Tale & TimeInfinity EttinsSlaterbaitImmortal ettins from the Mechan Saga.