This is the seventh cohort of 26 generations named alphabetically by generation.

Use the table below to find downloads, pictures and more details.

Generation 174 A7 Generation 187 N7
Generation 175 B7 Generation 188 O7
Generation 176 C7 Generation 189 P7
Generation 177 D7 Generation 190 Q7
Generation 178 E7 Generation 191 R7
Generation 179 F7 Generation 192 S7
Generation 180 G7 Generation 193 T7
Generation 181 H7 Generation 194 U7
Generation 182 I7 Generation 195 V7
Generation 183 J7 Generation 196 W7
Generation 184 K7 Generation 197 X7
Generation 185 L7 Generation 198 Y7
Generation 186 M7 Generation 199 Z7

March 2021 to date

Read on to see family trees and stories about my norns.

Generations 174 to 199

I lost generations 174 and 175, so I recloned generation 173 to start again.

Most notably Mooki had a son by Avunti who was a very slow ager, he was still a child at six hours old!

As this is the current cohort, and I am barely to the G generation, there is little to say so far.

Watch this space!