The Seventh Cohort of my Norns

Generation 175
1096 - BrunaUnfortunately these norns were lost when I had to format my hardrive, so I recloned generation 173 to begin afresh
1099 - Brill
1105 - Blaze

Died in a plague
1106 - Begonia      
1109 - Bumfrey      
1110 - Bertrand      
1114 - Balzac    
1180 - Onota  

She is a female clone of Atono the perpertual norn. She was still a child at 3 hours.
By 4:30 hours she was an adult!
She had a child by Felix, a generation 191 Feliz norn born of a grendel! So she is fertile, and DOES age, so perhaps her clone father's conditions are gender related?
By 7:50 she was a pensioner, so she seems to age normally.
She lived over 14 hours and finally had a second child, Secundus by Felippe brother of Felix.

After a third child she died aged 16:03